NBA 2K15’s Newest Addition Will Help It Sell Worldwide

If you know me as a gamer, there’s one thing that I love and that’s a solid basketball installment. With that in mind, NBA 2K14 for the PlayStation 4 has been one of my most played games since the console’s launch back in November. With the addition of a new engine, beautiful graphics and a great revamped MyCareer mode, the people at 2K Games created something pretty damn awesome. Witht that being said, there were some holes in it. Bugs, server issues and other minor things were prevalent in the game in the past six to seven months, but one of NBA 2K14’s biggest problems has just been solved with 2K Game’s announcement.

When user’s boot up NBA 2K15, they’ll now notice that you can play as one of 25 Euroleague teams. What problem does this fix? It’s simple, the game’s marketability. Ask many non-US gamers and they’ll tell you they don’t care about the NBA. They have their own leagues and players that they care about.

This was the problem in 2K14. Although there were a few Euroleague last time around, in NBA 2K15 they’ll be shown MUCH more attention and the number will grow to 25. This shows that the folks over at 2K do in fact care about their non-US customers and that they are willing to go the extra mile to create a game that everyone can enjoy.

Personally, I think this is a great move. Giving people outside of the United States a chance to play such a great team as their favorite team or favorite player is something that makes me smile thinking about. I know how much fun I had when I was able to play as Allen Iverson for the first time on my PS4. It was a great feeling and I can’t wait until some kid or some hardcore fan of one of the teams gets to experience that joy.

This is an overall smart move for the 2K team. Putting in the extra effort to make these other teams gives this games so much more marketability and will extend its reach farther than any previous installment has been able to.

I also think that this may help in the MyCareer mode. Just imagine if they take you through a story line where your guy isn’t ready for the pros, so he has to make his way to the top of the Euroleague and then finally gets signed by a NBA squad. I believe that would be a hell of an experience and would add a depth of reality to the already amazing game mode NBA 2K14 came with.

I want to hear what you have to say on this topic? Does this can your perception of the NBA 2K series? Let me know in the comments section!


12 thoughts on “NBA 2K15’s Newest Addition Will Help It Sell Worldwide”

  1. “Ask many non-US gamers and they’ll tell you they don’t care about the NBA. They have their own leagues and players that they care about.”

    That’s completely untrue . “Any” european into basket will mostly care about the NBA actually . Like it or not it’s the premium league where every top player of the world go . Few cares about their own national leagues and championship .

    Basket just isnt the leading sport and most marketable in EU .

  2. 2k still has a huge problem. Crappy servers. Only mode most people care about is park and it’s horrible with glitches n of course servers. N the tech support is the worst, ppl can’t help n know nothing bout their own game. Takes forever for updates and no communication to the players who spent money on the game and vc. 2k is worse than ea. At least they listen, n have better servers

  3. Listen its a good idea…but u cant use em in ranked games…or team up or my team….so they need to make em available in the game …not just put em in for private 1 vs 1 with friends

  4. You do have a point, but I still think the first step in this direction (even before Euroleague teams on 2K14) should have been getting the license to all Olympic/World Cup national teams, like EA’s great idea back in 2010. That is what FIBA basketball fans would love. Playing with Argentina, Spain, France, Serbia, Greece, Brazil national teams. And given 2K’s excellent reputation for adding legendary vintage teams, they could then expand on that by adding legendary national teams like Russia and Yugoslavia from the late 80s and early 90s, Argentina ’02-’06, Spain ’06-’10, etcetera, etcetera. I mean, sure, 2K14 introduced the Olympic USA team, but what am I supposed to do with that team other than dunking the ball in practice and chest-thumping?

  5. Nba2k isnt the first to attempt the single player campagne story mode, but its by far one of the worst ones…NCAA football and madden had it great, and i guess no one at 2K ever played those games or even know how the Process of being drafted into the nba works. Im a die hard basketball fan and the draft is the second most exiting time of the year and NBA 2K shows none of the aspects of the draft except for the time they call ur name

  6. last I checked this wasn’t euro league 2k15. If i wanted to play as people who couldn’t cut it in real basketball I would watch HS.

  7. What I wish 2k had is each teams personal introduction with the pyro and music and what not. That would be cool! Also give you the option to skip it if you wanted. I remember one of the 2k games with MJ on the cover would start off like that but that was it!

  8. it would be awesome to incorporate that into MyPlayer. 2k would be awesome again. I agree that these teams should be available in all Game modes let non us customers take their teams into the US playoff system. Make it happen you guys are awesome at 2k. Been playing since allen iverson on the cover of 2k for dreamcast.

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