Watch Dogs First Impressions

Watch_Dogs is a game that has been surrounded by controversy. The graphical downgrades, the pushed back release dates, it would safe to assume that this game was doomed from the start, right? Well, let’s take a few minutes and dive into what makes Watch_Dogs tick and why I’m loving every second of it.

Let’s just get this out of the way now, Watch_Dogs is a damn good time. The hacking, the driving and everything in between combine for an experience that has caught me up and held me hostage for hours on end.

It seems that the visual debate about WD was all smoke and mirror as it looks beautiful on the PlayStation 4. The water effect and lighting cultivate a believable Chicago that the computer AI only further improves upon.

This sense of realism is only furthered when Aiden brings up his phone and a small summary on any citizen in the city is brought up. This may seem like a small touch, but it makes those NPC feel like actual people with real lives. I found myself not wanting to shoot someone if they were a good person, but executing the scum that roamed around as well.

Aiden may act violent, but his motivations are pure when it comes to the main campaign in Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs.

There is also a nice combination of music in Watch_Dogs as well. There is your average orchestra who do a great job adding tension to key points in the story, but you also get real life artist and songs that play while driving. This music ranges from 2 Chainz all the way to Alice Cooper and I believe that every song really feels like it fits in Ubisoft’s new world.

Watch_Dogs was a game that I was unsure going in to and after spending some time hacking my way through missions, I feel that my love for this series will only grow as time goes on. The characters are great, the combat is fun, the strategy is intriguing and the sound tops it off nicely.

All in all, Watch_Dogs is a great game and deserves to be bought at its full price. There is hours upon hours of content to play through and its online modes will only add to that. This idea of hacking was executed very nicely and I’m glad to say that I recommend Ubisoft’s newest franchise to anyone who thinks it looks even half way interesting.


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