Wolfenstein Shows How Not To Handle Sexual Content In Video Games

Sex is something that is ever-present in our everyday lives. From advertising, to movies and even our video games, sex and sexual content is all around us. Even though these sorts of things are all everywhere we look, there are ways to go about it that show some sort of taste and class. The problem in Wolfenstein: The New Order? It lacks both of those.

I’ll start this off by saying I thoroughly enjoyed almost everything Wolfenstein threw at me. The graphics looked sharp, the dialogue was convincing and the game play itself was a lot sharper and fun that I ever imagined it would be.

The thing that turned me away from loving this title was simple, the immature and forced sex scenes that the campaign contained. These scenes were not set up well and honestly felt slapped together. I’m all for mature content in video games, but I want it to be done right.

Sex isn’t something that should be a gag, or something to fill in time to a cut scene, it should be used to create character depth and add to the romantic story line. I would have liked to see more detail shown between Anya and BJ. The couple sex scenes that were thrown in didn’t feel organic, they felt rushed and hurried in, which resulted in a few very awkward scenes.

Although the sex scenes were awkward, that does not stop Wolfenstein from being a great game.

Honestly, my biggest gripe is that these few scenes have alienated a decent amount of people who wanted to play the game. I have talked to many people that have said they would not want to even play the game due to the scenes.

I do feel for those who aren’t the target audience that the devs were going for. As a straight male I was the target audience and even I felt awkward while watching it. I can’t begin to imagine how awkward a girl would feel or even someone who is homosexual.

I don’t believe that game developers should limit their selves for fear of offending people, but in a case like this where the content in question is just not needed and useless, I think they should have reconsidered it.

I want our art form to be taken serious and I know that tackling tougher and more adult issues is the way to do this, but doing it in an immature way like this will only make outsiders laugh at the gaming community. I hope that developers can learn from this blunder and try to advance the video game industry in a more adult place.


7 thoughts on “Wolfenstein Shows How Not To Handle Sexual Content In Video Games”

  1. I take it that simplistic taboos turn away only the weakest and faintest of minds. That when an idea to show atmospheric and artistic expression happens that invokes character and realistic emotions. REALISTIC EMOTIONS. Not Call of Duty Broteam Ramboforce Delta Ultra idiocy….

    You get movies that do the exact same thing and aren’t tasteless. It shows Humans being Humans. You have a problem with a game or product of entertainment showing humans doing a natural activity? Where movies precisely like Enemy at the Gates does the exact same thing?

    Sorry pal. Anyone like you, or any of your kiddy pals who wince at the sight of two little sex scenes like that? Are just cynical, nonsensical whiners and you’re a problem with the industry entirely, overly-sensitive and narrow-minded.

    Now if you want FORCED sex scenes go play Dragon Age 2.

  2. I’m not buying your arguement. To you the scenes were forced, to me it seemed like natural progression of the story and the relationship. The times are rough, the characters are on the brink of dying every single day… they engage in the most human activity out there. I think sex in Wolfenstein was handled miles beyond any other game. It was not an achievement, it was not something you work towards or earn… it just happens naturally between consenting adults in dire times.

    1. I totally agree with you. Even if this game is totally fictional (and visually stunning if we look at the sense itself of his creation) it includes very important social and psychological aspects. I had my grandfathers and grandmothers experiencing the World War II. It was one of the roughest time ever, indeed. And for that reasons the majority of the human beings was initially moved by the pure survivor instinct. The will of making families in order to put the species far away from extinction. It’s human matter. Then falling in love? Yes, eventually, but not always automatically. Our world had terrible moments for sure and that factors moved generations to life which is the most important thing. Cheers.

  3. I think this article better describes the situation: http://www.polygon.com/2014/5/20/5734482/wolfenstein-sex

    Because, honestly, in a game that tries to be as real as possible in showing the many ways one can kill another human being and the cost of fighting, it is a bit of a double-standard to be turned off when something that can happen in real life in what is probably the most realistic and tasteful way is presented… considering all of the other contenders out there. It was war. They

    I mean, at least the woman is not overly sexualised, wears sensible clothing most of the time and is not punished for initiating it.

    So, if by “done well” you wanted a romance story… well….

  4. Yeah dude, sorry but you’re a nutless weak man. I’m guessing you’ve probably never blown off any sexual tension, or had a sexual encounter that didn’t end in cuddling. Or start with cuddling. Or was just cuddling and then you prematurely ejaculated.

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