Are We Being Shown Games Too Early?

It’s such a vague timeline that has been shown off by many of the leading game developers for some of the most anticipated games. I remember watching E3 last year (2013) and seeing the first game play and narrative trailers for Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s: The Division, I was completely sold on the concept of the game as well as how stunning the game play looked. But during E3 this year (2014), finally seeing a release date was what I was hoping for the most. After sitting through the second narrative trailer during Ubisoft’s conference I was eager to see the release date, then the disheartening “Coming 2015” showed up on screen.

Many people, including myself, will make bets that the “Coming 2015” we saw for The Division will be more towards holiday 2015, around November or December. If this is the case will we see The Division at next years E3 as well? That would be three years in a row that we have seen the same game from the same studio. This instance stirs up a question: Are we being shown games too early?


I would prefer to be introduced to games less than a year before they are scheduled to be released. I am tired of seeing a theatrical trailer for a game such as Halo 5, The Division, Star Wars Battlefront, and countless others with no information what so ever, just that the game is in production. I for one would be much interested if at E3 we were seeing games that were playable at that time with on screen demos and release dates for later that year or at least first quarter of the following year.

I understand that companies want to build as much hype as possible for the games they are creating whilst also allowing themselves a greater time frame to get their projects finished up, but I would rather not know about a game until it is almost done with development. I know some people are going to say, “a year isn’t that long to wait why are you crying about 2015?” but the fact that I have seen some of the same games now for two years and possibly a third at E3 is just astounding.

Share your thoughts with me on whether you think games are being shown to early or if you like to see the games and build the hype.


One thought on “Are We Being Shown Games Too Early?”

  1. i agree with you on this one were seeing games at E3 and all these promising trailers but then the games get pushed back two or three years. With everchanging technology as well The Division will probably out of date by the time its even released. I think developers have gotten to the point where it seems like they are almost working too hard on the games to try and perfect them. Just let the Gamers play it get their feedback and send out patches its been done before!

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