Animal Crossing Could Learn Something From Tomodachi Life

The customization, the quirky animals and the social aspects are all things that make Animal Crossing such an awesome game. Personally I really enjoy my time playing any of the installments and even found myself as somewhat of an addict while playing New Leaf. With as much love as I have for the series there is one problem that has always troubled me and I believe that Tomodachi Life, a new game from Nintendo, may have just found the answer.

Now we all love taking care of our towns, planting flowers and building big monuments in New Leaf, right? As We all spend hours upon hours making our towns just right and then showcasing them off to our friends and eventually the gaming world. Creating a great town or walking through an elaborate town is one of the best feelings in New Leaf.

The thing is though, don’t step away from your game for too long, as it will begin to deteriorate right before your eyes. This has personally been my biggest complaint with the Animal Crossing series since I first played it.

Whenever you step away from the game for an extended period of time, weeds will grow, flowers will wilt and villagers will move away. This really destroys a lot of the hard work that one could potentially put in to Animal Crossing and their unique town.

It’s just not plausible for some people, especially the older crowd, to play video games every single day or spend the little time they do have on micromanaging a town in Animal Crossing. Stepping away from the game only hurts the player and can really cause a disconnect between them and the game. I know personally this is the exact same reason I have stopped playing every AC titles I’ve picked up.

So how can Tomodachi Life, Nintendo’s new life simulator game, lend a hand to Animal Crossing’s mechanics? It’s simple!

In Tomodachi Life no matter how much work a player puts into the game it cannot be spoiled due to length of separation between play throughs. Your Miis, your outfits, your hard work that you may have tirelessly slaved over is safe from father time.

I honestly believe Animal Crossing would benefit from implementing this in some sort of fashion. As I previously said, I think that not having to worry as much about playing every single day would make the overall experience a much more enjoyable one.

It’s a very frustrating feeling to pick up New Leaf and see your favorite villager is gone along with your town engrossed by weeds and dead flowers. I think if Nintendo didn’t want to do away with this feature, they could at least give the player a time period of say 5-7 days before any damage beings happening.


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