Did Rockstar Hold Out On Heists In GTA For The Next Gen?

Heists are a huge part of Grand Theft Auto V. The story revolves around multiple heists and in short, they are a blast to play through. The planning that goes into them, the perfect execution and the loot all culminate into a great gaming experience. When we learned that these heists would playable in Grand Theft Auto Online, the gaming community was ecstatic. The problem is, where are they?


Eight months have passed and we have not got the opportunity to team up with a few friends and try our hands and even one heist.  My biggest fear is that the heists may have been knowingly held from the gaming community.

As you know, Grand Theft Auto V was announced to hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year at E3 and along with it, Grand Theft Auto Online will also start its journey into the new generation of consoles. With heists taking longer than they expected, it’s a possibility that Rockstar simply decided to hold on to them until the new versions dropped so they could use them as a selling point.

I don’t want this to come off as me bashing Rockstar because I absolutely love the work they do, but it is disappointing that gamers have had to wait this long and still not get to experience the heists.

What I honestly think happened is that amid the launch problems with Grand Theft Auto Online, things were pushed back due to the constant woes that plagued the servers and players’ saves. This push back in scheduling heists were probably just delayed a bit in production and since the launch of the next generation of games was already upon us, they decided to wait until the game released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

I for one am excited to get my hands on the new generation version of Grand Theft Auto V. I really enjoyed my time with ti on the PS4 and to see that world in more detail and with more care put into it will be great.

Hopefully the extra time will make things more stable and the launch of GTA Online will be exponentially better than the previous generations’ iteration. The user generation content that I’ve seen in videos from the 360 and PS3 versions have been pretty entertaining so I can’t wait to see what people will do on the PS4 and Xbox One, not to mention the completely off the wall things we’ll get with the modding community plugging away at the PC version.


6 thoughts on “Did Rockstar Hold Out On Heists In GTA For The Next Gen?”

  1. Heists are overrated BS, its just like rob a store but oversized, nothing to see.
    There are lots of other problems with GTA5 and Heists not being there aint one.

  2. The only thing about heists that I didn’t like was that there isn’t enough of them in single player and any of them in multiplayer. With heists you need to plan 4 or 5 steps, determine what equipment and vehicles are required, the team needed, how exactly the heist will go down such as who guards while the others rob, etc. Then plan an exit strategy. In the single player portion of the game they were the most fun I had playing. Because they haven’t shown up in GTA 5 Online I have moved on and don’t have any plans at this point to be back.

  3. It’s fairly obvious that they held off the biggest part of GTA Online until Next-Gen. I mean lets face it, all those folks who bought GTA 5 for 360 and PS3 who now have X-One’s and PS4’s..They want the best graphics…they loved GTA 5 on last-gen….they wanted HEISTS on last gen. Of course it’s a selling point for Rockstar..Of Course they did it on purpose! And you know what? I don’t blame them!

  4. Why do you think they implemented cross-platform saves??!…They will have a plethora of users from last gen buying 2 copies of the game for the current gen and pc. A very very wise, if sly, move by Rockstar

  5. I hate to harp on, but why do you think we never heard anything about heists since the september ’13 release of GTA 5 on last-gen? Rockstar knew that it had (and still has) a vast user base on last-gen and exploited that by saying “heists are coming” and “we are working on heists” when every new “DLC” came out, when in truth, heists were probably finished a long time ago…. September ’14 – 1 year after initial release, we will get heists on all platforms.

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