Resolution Might Not Matter, But Frame Rate Sure As Hell Does

Resolution gate, the constant struggle between developers and fan boys alike to push the 1080p mantra on us and tell the gaming community that a certain platform is better than the other. Although I will admit, I do appreciate a good looking game. I avidly make the case that a game’s frame rate is much more important than its resolution.

In my personal opinion, I’ve never been an advocate of a super high resolution. Yes it is great to play a dazzling game in crisp 1080p of 1440p, but I have played numerous games that run in 720p and look perfectly fine. In fact, Mario Kart 8 currently runs at native 720p.

The catch to Mario Kart 8? It runs at 60 frames per second for most of its play. Why is that so important? Simply put, it makes the game play feel much more smooth and fluid.

If a game has a smooth frame rate it can help the player feel much more engrossed in the world. For example, in Ubisoft’s recently released game Watch_Dogs we see this as a prime example. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in that world and many times found myself lost in its world entirely.

The problem was that at times the frame rate would drop to a slow crawl. Things like big explosions or other events that involve a lot of different reactions going on can bring the frame rate plunging down. These are the sorts of things that completely took me out of the game. They didn’t occur a lot in my play on the PlayStation 4, but when they did it really pulled me out of the experience of Watch_Dogs and reminded me I was playing a video game.

Like I’ve said before, it’s always nice to have a high resolution, but at its core, frame rate is a much more important issue. Seeing so much fuss over resolution and not much, although some, being focused on frame rate makes me shake my head. Yes I can’t wait to play these upcoming, beautiful, HD games, but if there’s a chance that the frame rate stutters along, you can count me as worried.



5 thoughts on “Resolution Might Not Matter, But Frame Rate Sure As Hell Does”

  1. Both resolution and fps matters. Whats the point of having 60/120fps on a 320×240 screen? that’s a bit extreme. But you get my point.

  2. Well put……… There is more of a fine line between frame rate and playability and resolution and playability.

    I could give two shites about resolution unless it is so bad that the fidelity of the game suffers due to lack of immersion, but you put something out there like a first person shooter at less than 60+FPS you have got more issues on your hands than just resolution.

    Frame rate is KING when talking about immersion and true playability! Nothing worse than what the author said regarding crippling performance in game for no reason. Seems to be happening more and more on my high end PC these days as developers just want to forget about the big boys and play around on the consoles to save themselves a few bucks. Oh Nd don’t forget good old bungie being quoted as to say they want “parity” between their games across all systems!!

    Sounds like to me you “gimped” the game to 30fps across all platforms because of your “parity……!” So disgusting today how things are not being done about these companies putting out crap day one and patching their games to death with 3+GB files on the regular.

    Get with the program developers and know that if it is multiplat and “AND” on PC it should always be better on PC! That’s it always! So put forth the effort today for sales tomorrow!

    We can all dream…………right?!

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