Who Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Mystery Character?

Coming from a huge fan of the series, I can tell you that there’s something about Dragon ball Xenoverse that hits a chord with me. The art style and music combine into something that has me anxiously awaiting release. Something that has me even more excited about this title is the introduction of a brand new character. Who could he be? Where is he from? Is he good or evil?

I’ve already gushed about what I’ve seen from Dragon Ball Xenoverse, but what has me bubbling with anticipation is the fact that we will finally earn who this mysterious fighter really is.

What first strikes me is the Capsule Corp patch on his sleeve. If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball Z series, you’ll know that Capsule Corporation is the company that is run Bulma’s father, Dr. Brief. Does this mean he could be related to the Brief family in some way? It is always just a possibility he works there or simply got the shirt from someone else.


We have seen one fighter that has shown up out of nowhere with this same patch though and this fighter seems to have some sort of ties to him. That fighter? The fan favorite Trunks.

Now we all know that Trunks came from the future to help the crew out in the anime and it seems as if this fighter also has the ability to show up from the future in times of need. In a statement from Bandi Namco they comment on this in a bit more detail.

“the mysterious fighter will be allowed to blast his way into multiple famous battles from DRAGON BALL’s illustrious history!” They continue, “gamers will be presented with an unpredictable ‘DRAGON BALL’ experience; perhaps rewriting DRAGON BALL history as we know it!”

This along with some screenshots really have me scratching my head, but giddy with anticipation. The character’s overall design is pretty cool and the young DBZ fan in me would have loved to see him years and years ago.


This fighter also shares another tie with Trunks as there is a screenshot of the two talking to each other. Between the similar traits and discussion, could this possibly a future some of Trunks? Maybe even a distant relative? Only time will tell, but I for one am very excited to see where it goes.

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3 thoughts on “Who Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Mystery Character?”

  1. About the caped, red-haired Gohan-esque character…
    While you didn’t have Piccolo’s cape to stick onto anything, you could create a red-haired, red-skinned Gohan with Trunk’s clothes and a scouter.

    Also note the created-character’s black eyes. Now note the mystery time warrior’s black eyes. If this was Super Saiyan God Gohan, his eyes would be red. The thing about DB games is that they tend to have accurately modeled characters, so the red eyes shouldn’t be an oversight.

    The lack of red eyes, and the lack of the flame aura all point against this being Super Saiyan God. The mishmash of clothes, as well as some illogicalities (scouter), point against this being Gohan.

    At this point, I’d give it a 1% chance of being Gohan, and a 99% chance of being Bandai (the developers’ custom character from Ultimate Tenkaichi)

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