NOW Is The Time To Buy The PS Vita

The Vita’s name has been dragged through the mud many many times over its lifespan.  A decent amount of these accusations have stemmed from those that do not own the console, as many PlayStation Vita owners really enjoy what their handheld console has brought to the table so far.  My time with the Vita has been a blast and I highly advocate purchasing one to any PlayStation fan. Can I sell you on the Vita? Maybe not, but I’ll give it my best shot.


My time with the Vita started a short while ago, but as I’ve stated before, I absolutely love the thing. Its games really seem to capture what I want out of a handheld system and the collection that I have built thus far has served me very well.

The reason I bought a Vita was because of PlayStation Plus. I sibscribed due to my PS4 purchase and was downloading the Vita games just in case I was to ever uprchase the hardware.

Eventually the time came when I had amassed a collection of 10 -12 games through Sony’s service, so I headed over the GameStop and bought the Borderlands bundle. Having a Vita and PlayStation Plus is a must, it has brought me amazing games like Unit 13, Gravity Rush, and many other other titles. The best part is that I know every month I’ll be getting two brand new Vita games to try out and add to my digital collection.

Another great thing about the Vita is simply the price of the games. The handheld has been out for a decent amount of time now and due to that, we now see that many of it’s flagship games can be bought for under 30 USD, like Persona 4 Golden and Little Big Planet.

This is a great thing for a gamer on a budget. If you don’t have a bunch of money and the 460 price tag of console games is simply too much, the list of games that you can get for half that and under is huge and ever-growing. Not to mention, PlayStation Plus members receive deals once in awhile on games from in the PlayStation Store.

The biggest complaint I hear is that the Vita has no games and I just can’t agree with that. Any Vita owner I talk to tells me that they need more memory due to all the games they have and want to purchase. The Vita holds games from every genre and any gamer can find a handful of titles from their favorite, especially if they’re into those nice Japanese developed titles.

The Vitas functionality with the PS4 is also pretty exciting. Using remote play, you can play your PlayStation 4 over WiFi on the Vita. I was blown away by this the first time I played it as everything ran smoothly and the button layouts were translated pretty well, for the most part. I admit I was taken aback when I saw Watch_Dogs running on the Vita as a big smile can across my face.

All in all the Vita has brought me some great times already and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me. For the $200-$300 it will cost you to get going on one, I recommend it to anyone who already loves the PlayStation ecosystem. The console may not deliver a perfect “console experience” like Sony wanted it to, but it sure as hell pulls off being a handheld very, very well.


3 thoughts on “NOW Is The Time To Buy The PS Vita”

  1. finally someone recognizing vita for a change.. I own one, but I started to get bummed out on it because of it’s recent comments and it’s earlier developments. I got vita on day 1 and I subscribed to ps+ for 1 year.. totally saddening experience =(
    I did not even continue my ps+ subscription anymore till now.

  2. “Any Vita owner I talk to tells me that they need more memory due to all the games they have and want to purchase.”

    Its because the memory cards are too expensive, imo.

    And the Vita does have games, but there aren’t many good games out there. And Sony is basically making it more of a controller/streaming device rather than a handheld gaming console so this pisses off Vita owners who were promised more games.

  3. Hahaha, NOPE! If you buy a Vita now, you’ll be stuck with a dead device with no proper support.
    This article is trying to scam people into buying into a lie.

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