Indie Is Not A Dirty Word

Indie games have seen a boom in recent years and have left their roots of small titles to become full, fleshed out games. While these experiences satisfy many people, myself included, there is an abundance of people who hate to even hear the word indie muttered in their game discussion. Do you love indies, or hate them? Let’s take a look at why indie games have taken this generation of consoles and the hearts of many gamers by storm.


There seems to be a stigma that some gamers have that they simply cannot enjoy a game if it’s labeled as an indie or low budget title. For some reason, some gamers cannot enjoy their experience unless they pay the full retail price of a sixty dollar game. This is evident all over the internet on message boards and gaming sites a like. Some people will trash a game and not give it a fight chance just because it is an indie title.

Personally I can even begin to comprehend why they thing this way. One of my favorite titles of 2013 was the PlayStation 4 exclusive indie game Resogun. It held a fifteen dollar price tag and yet in my eyes, it is still one of the most fun experiences EITHER new console has to offer.

I’ll admit that last generation I never got into the indie scene, simply because I did not have a PC the play games on and since I had a 360, not a whole lot of indies were popping up. Yet this generation is the polar opposite. With the addition of a PS4 and semi decent laptop, I have played and enjoyed titles that I would have never had the opportunity to play.

Indie games offer so much to the gaming community and it really troubles me when I see gamers complaining about them. In my eyes, just because a game isn’t your AAA experience, doesn’t mean that they won’t be enjoyable. Indie games have brought us some of the best experiences this year so far and when I hear people bitching that the PlayStation 4 and Vita are getting “too many indie games”, it almost makes me sick to my stomach.

As I’ve said in the past, many gamers need to broaden their horizons and try other types of games. The indie scene has brought us some amazing titles and I personally can’t wait to see what its future holds for us, the gaming community.


2 thoughts on “Indie Is Not A Dirty Word”

  1. – Super Meat Boy
    – Limbo
    – Trine 2
    – Bit.Trip Runner
    – Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
    – Retro City Rampage
    – VVVVVV

    Those are just a few indie games that I consider among the most fun games I’ve ever played. Now it seems like Shovel Knight is going to join these ranks. So far it’s been a damn blast. 🙂

    That being said, this part from the article absolutely baffled me. Quote:

    “I’ll admit that last generation I never got into the indie scene, simply because I did not have a PC the play games on and since I had a 360, not a whole lot of indies were popping up.”

    I mean… whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? One of the Xbox 360’s biggest strengths was the indie scene, which was rock-solid there! While I consider the PS3 the superior console as far as retail releases go, the Xbox 360 was much better for indie goodness! I mean, how in hell did you manage to completely miss the amount of superb indie titles that the Xbox 360 has?


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