The PS4 And Xbox One’s Fanboys’ Biggest Problem

Fan boys  have always existed. Whether it was someone during the 16-bit era, the first foray into the world of polygons or even just last generation, fan boys have always been waving their favorite companies’ flags. This generation things are different though. These fan boys don’t just blindly support their company, in order for them to enjoy their product, they must take away the enjoyment of others as well.


No more are the days of just enjoying your company’s machine and defending it to the death. Now in order for some to enjoy their purchases, they have to make sure that people that made the opposite decision are not enjoying theirs.

I know this is not an age issue, as I’ve seen more and more grown men get into these arguments that usually end in name calling and homophobic slurs. My theory is that it is a money issue. As a gamer, our purchases range from five to 60 dollars, so when we have to invest in a machine that costs around 400 – 500 dollars, many are very insecure about their purchases.

This will cause a lot of them to lash out when questioned or even go out of their way to try and degrade the competition. Although I still think that my theory is the right one, it still floors me that it has come to this.

Like I stated before, I know there has always been fan boys, but I think back in the day they were more focused on their own consoles. I remember growing up with the Sega Genesis and having friends that were huge Nintendo supporters and owned the SNES. We were always big on talking our own systems up, never talking shit about the other one. We, and many others, recognized the pluses of both systems and acknowledged they were both good machines.

That’s what I wish would happen this generation. Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are great machines that millions are enjoying the hell out of. I’m sick of the “gamers” who enjoy watching machines, games and franchises fail more than they enjoy playing and discussing them.

I hope that we can do away with these types of fan boys in the future and just enjoy the great era of gaming we are in. A guy can dream, can’t he?


12 thoughts on “The PS4 And Xbox One’s Fanboys’ Biggest Problem”

  1. I never liked the talking down by someone simply for making a different choice to enjoy themselves than I did. That is what makes the whole resolutions, fps, less/more performance issue so annoying. Most of the time the only reason people notice such things is because they are pointed out and it is unlikely in the vein of a fanboy or fangirl rant to change a purchasing decision.

    1. To the author of this ridiculous and naïve article. Either you are really young and a fanboy yourself or just plain (and pardon my English) stupid. It is in no way worst than last gen. Its is exactly the same. The only difference is that now the Sony fanboys have the upper hand in the situation compared with last gen when the MS fanboy had the upper hand. I have been gaming since the Atari 2600 and I never saw fanboyism get worst than it was last gen. I never bought a Sony system, and had always bought Nintendo systems (til that dreadful Wii) and had the original Xbox and the 360. And even I felt bad to how bad the Sony fanboys were getting it from the MS fanboys throughout the whole gen. But now its coming back to bite them (the MS fanboys) and the amount of whining about it from them is astronomical. Ultimately all fanboys suck, but lets not pretend like its somehow gotten worst just cuz the MS fanboys have it worst this gen.

      1. I’d take your point more serious if you didn’t open it with name calling, like a child. It’s nice that you tried to paint me into being a MS fan boy at the end there too. Too bad I don’t own the Xbox One and actually own the PS4 and the Vita.

        Thanks for the view though. 🙂

  2. What the hell is this? There always have been fanboys and there always will be. Nothing will change that.

  3. the ps4’s the most powerful console ever conceived while the xbone isn’t. Therefore the ps4 is better.

    Cry me a river.

    1. Got any games mate? I mean, nice, the ps4 is more powerful… even though that power advantage has closed somewhat with the Xbox One SDK update.
      But bottom line… what’s the point if you’ve got no games on the ps4?! I just don’t see any games on the ps4 worth talking about… and there’s absolutely NONE coming up in the next year worth talking about.
      Atm… the ps4 is little more than a Japanese Steam Box (endless overpriced indie Steam games… and there’s 1000 more yet to come which sony seems to love bragging about).
      So if you want to judge on power alone, a small power advantage… then yes, if that’s what you think makes a better console, the ps4 is the best… well done.
      However if you are after the best games on the best service… well the Xbox Won is the obvious and only choice.

      Also to all those Microsoft fans that got pissed with Microsoft and brought the ps4 as a protest vote(which they completely deserved)… it’s time to ponder which machine has the games you want to play. Not in a few years, but right now. I think deep down you know it’s time to trade in your ps4 and buy the Xbox One this holiday season. You can all see the best games are on the Xbox One.


  4. The thing is, if you state the facts about the two systems, you are labeled a fanboy. For instance, as a gamer, I don’t comment personally, but I refer people to links like these when asked which system to purchase. If that makes me a fanboy, I’ll guess take it.

    –According to Yoshida, the second reason for PS4’s popularity is the console’s technical superiority against its competitor. Whether it is processor speed or the performance of its graphics card, the PS4 is either identical or outperforms Xbox One on most fronts. The end result of this is an immersive game experience, one that enables design and development of games for diverse audiences. “It (the Sony PS4) is better for people who care about (console) specifications,” says Yoshida.–

  5. I’m happy with my Xbox One and I won’t be getting a PS4 despite it being more powerful….Xbox One is worth every penny of 499 I invested in the system….its has AAA games and more importantly,MS is currently overdosing on exclusive titles and IPs….which is good for Xbox One and its users….for me to get a PS4,I really need to see at least 5-6 exclusive AAA games coming one after another -_- That’s just me

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