Three Months From Release And Still No Word On NBA 2K15

I’ve always been a huge fan of the NBA 2K series, especially the last installment, NBA 2K14. I thought the work that the folks at 2K Sports did on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was pretty good and was a worthy journey into the new consoles. With this being the case, I’m very excited to see what will come to our consoles in 2K, but my concern is that three months out from release, we have seen almost nothing from this game.


Now I don’t want to come off as whiny in this piece, but I am genuinely concerned that we have nothing from 2K concerning NBA 2K15. You would think that three months from a game’s release date, we would get a few screenshots, a new trailer or maybe even a developer diary.

A concern of mine is that what 2K Sports has isn’t up to par with what the community holds them to. Another theory is that they could have hit a bump in the road and the development could be pushed back and be a little slower than what they expected.

What I hope is happening is that 2K Sports has something special planned for us, maybe an event or live stream. We  have to stay positive until we hear any distinctive word from the developers. I just hope that this is the case and that something really isn’t wrong.

If my memory serves me right, by this time last year we at least had screenshots. I know that the game will probably look around the same, as the engine is brand new, but it is a bit demoralizing to have literally nothing in terms of content to get us excited for this game.

Like I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of the NB 2K series and I hope that this lack of pre-release content is just a fluke. I’m really hoping that this game knocks it out park, but not being able to see what the developers are working on this close to release makes it hard to get too excited about and generate hype around.

In a day and age where we see games years and years before their release, this may all just be me and the gaming community being spoiled little brats, but it really makes me raise an eyebrow when something like this comes up. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on it and keep you all update on all we hear on 2K’s newest basketball title.


3 thoughts on “Three Months From Release And Still No Word On NBA 2K15”

  1. Do you guys not remember last year? Next gen footage of NBA 2K14 was not shown in 2013 until about the 1st October. It cast doubt on the game even launching on next gen at all. So it is still WAAAAY early yet technically. Nice memory and journalism by the way, I’ve never even played or care about the series and I still know this.

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