The Addition Of A Childhood Icon Could Reintroduce Me To A Series

Growing up a child of the 90’s meant that I was a huge fan of the WWF. The high flying maneuvers, the blood and the zany story lines were all things that the much younger version of myself tuned in to see very week on RAW, Smackdown and Nitro. With this love of wrestling, I also played any of the video games I could get my hands on. As of late though, I have not played or watched much wrestling, but with rumors swirling as of late involving one of my childhood icons, I may dip my toe back into the virtual wrestling ring one more time.


My childhood was enveloped by the WWF and its video games. Pushing the limits past what the actual wrestlers could do  and creating wrestlers from years past were some of the best memories I have of those old games. As I mentioned before though, as of late I have not watched or played much of anything involving the WWE.

Since I don’t watch it, I’m not too familiar with the current WWE roster and therefore the games haven’t been too appealing. With the introduction of the WWE Network I have finally dipped my toe little by little back into the wrestling scene and that had peeked my interest about looking into WWE 2K15.

I was doing a bit of research when I stumbled upon something that completely sold me on the game. Growing up as a young wrestling fan, my favorite in-ring personality was Sting. When he debuted in 1996 with “The Crow” inspired face paint and black baseball bat, I was hooked. He was the only reason I follow WCW and when he never made the jump to the WWE, I was let down.

When I stumbled upon his Twitter account, something he doesn’t us often, I saw his latest tweet was one of a date, 7-14-2014. Many people, including myself take this as a possible indication of Sting making his Monday Night RAW debut.

If this really does happen it would mean that Sting would be part of the WWE Roster and would be included in WWE 2K15. If this happened, I would rush out and pre-order the game for sure. To see one of my favorite wrestlers of all time on the PlayStation 4 would be an amazing experience that little Rich would have killed for.

I guess we’ll see tonight when Monday Night RAW hits at 8 pm EST. I know if Sting doesn’t show up, I’ll be a bit disappointed, but if he does return, I will be ecstatic.


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