SH Figuarts Super Mario Review

I’ve never been a huge fan of action figures since I’ve been an adult. I’ve never had room for them and the price tags that are attached to the premium ones are always just a bit too pricey for my liking. SH Figaurts’ figures have always been some of my favorite and when Mario was announced it was hard to resist the urge to snag one as it released.  Once I got my hands on it, I was surprised with the final product, but was it a pleasant one, or something far less than spectacular? Let’s take a look.


When this figure popped up on GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards, I jumped all over it. I waited a few days and when it showed up I torn the box open and took a look at what this figure was all about.

First off the colors on this thing are gorgeous. The reds pop, the blues are great and the same details, like the yellow buttons, were perfectly painted. Nothing was sloppily done and as someone who grew up in the 90’s with action figures, this thing looked like a godsend in the paint category.

Another standout feature from this figure is just the detail. Nothing about it feels cheap. Not the Mushroom, not the coin, not the question black, and definitely not the Mario figure itself.  The plastic used for everything is also a nice, heavy duty material that I would like to see more things use. This set exudes quality and not matter how much you twist or turn Mario or the  accessories, nothing feels like it will break.

Lastly, the articulation on this piece is just top notch. Mario can stand and sit in a bunch of different poses and you can do a bunch of fun stuff just with the basic set. The legs themselves are very posable  and even feature a cool hidden joint in the knee that more figures should use. The arms are pretty basic and the head doesn’t move all that much, but  due to the figure being well balanced, you can still torque Mario in many ways

All in all, the SH Figuarts Super Mario figure is a must buy for gamers and non gamers alike. For his price I think it’s worth the money, although I don’t know that I can recommend buying the other two different set piece sets. As someone who hasn’t bought any figures like this as of late, this figure will make me look into this scene way more often, as what SH Figuarts delivered is amazing.


One thought on “SH Figuarts Super Mario Review”

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