What Pharrell Means To NBA 2K15

Music has always been a pretty prominent part of games in the sports genre. From punk rock to rap & hip-hop, sports games like Madden and NBA 2K cover it all. As of late, the folks over at 2K have let certain celebrities curate the music for their annual basketball title and this year is no different. With the choice of Pharrell as 2K15’s curator, this year’s installment has the possibility to have the best track list in recent years.


Pharrell is a well known producer in the music industry and he is well respected by those who have both worked with and for him. By taking a look at the tracks he has produced, one can see he not only focuses on the rap genre, but on all sorts of genres across the bored.

This is why I’m excited to have Pharrell as the music curator. Simply put, the man knows his music pretty well. This will ensure that he picks a great selection of songs for us to hear whenever we turn on NBA 2K15.

My problem is that this past year’s game was lacking a bit in the music department. Yes there were one or two radio hits in there, but nothing that had any staying power and I often found myself turning the sound off completely when I played. Why is the music so important though? Isn’t the main focus the core basketball game play anyways?

While this is true, in NBA 2K14 you spend a lot of time in the menus. Whether it be just browsing the modes, playing MyGM, or going through the features in the settings, you always hear the soundtrack going.  This is especially present when playing in the Blacktop mode when the soundtrack also plays  throughout.

NBA 2K13’s track list was a great one in my book. With the addition of Jay-Z as the music curator, I believe the music shined and matched the feel of the game perfectly. Yes, there were a lot of rap songs on there, but we did get artist like Coldplay and Daft Punk as well.

I believe that Pharrell will again bring this sort of consistency to the table and deliver some great tracks to 2K Sports’ newest basketball game. When it’s all said and done will Pharrell’s role in the game factor into whether or not it’s a great game? Maybe not, but if it is done correctly, then it is sure to add something to the overall experience.


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