Far Cry 4 Multiplayer Could Change Console Gaming For The Better

If there was one thing that I’ve enjoyed about handheld gaming on the 3DS,  it is the ability to download play titles with a friend. With this feature, you could play a certain game with a buddy who owned the console, but not the game. This was used by many people in the game Mario Kart 7. This featured has seemed to have crept its way into Far Cry 4 and I believe that if it is done right, we could see something special happen in the gaming community.


We all saw the big moment that was shown off to us at E3. In this moment we saw someone playing through Far Cry 4’s story and then all of a sudden, his buddy jumped in alongside of him and joined the fight. The two continued this tandem until they had completely taken over the outpost of which Far Cry 3 made so famous.

They then announced that to do this, our buddy would not even need a copy of the game to play along with us. Needless to say, the crowd got excited and so did I. I was watching this with a buddy and both of our eyes just lit up.

Just imagine the possibilities that this mode, if done correctly, could entail. Say there is a game you’re unsure of, but your friend has it. Well if this feature becomes successful and spreads to other titles, you could ask him to pop in the game and you would be able to test it out via this download play-esque feature.

Personally, I hope this idea blows up and is as simple as Ubisoft is saying. In a world where demos are almost gone, this could be the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s version of something I grew up loving.

Since Ubisoft owns other popular franchises like Watch_Dogs and Assassin’s Creed, it is very popular that this feature could make its way into these titles in the future as well. I think that would be great, as it could give many potential fans a way to test out games they are intrigued by and maybe even get them to purchase it.

My big worry is that this feature my be something you have to pay for. If there is a pay wall, I don’t think it will succeed. Let’s say in order for your friend to play, they have to buy a dlc patch that costs a few bucks. In that instance, I’m not sold and I don’t think people will embrace it. On the other hand, if this is free and a friend can hop in for an hour or so with you, I think it will succeed in many ways and lead to some extra titles being sold.

Like I said before, I think this sort of feature has the possibility to be this generation of console’s version of demos. If that comes to pass, I will be very happy, as it will open up the availability to play certain games with friends, even if they don’t have the means or money to buy the actual game. I think this is a great feature and I hope Ubisoft is careful with it, as they could have something very popular on their hands.


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