Why I’m Not Excited For: Super Smash Bros For 3DS

Super Smash Bros is a franchise that I have always held in a very high regard. I have wonderful memories with friends and I cannot wait to make even more of then on the Wii U version of the game. In today’s Why I’m Not Excited For, we take a look at the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros and elaborate on why I just can’t get excited for it.


For me, Smash Bros has always been about the console experience and that’s my first problem with this title. In my eyes, I just can’t see myself enjoying Smash on a small screen and hunched over my handheld.

With it being a handheld it also will break up the social aspect of the game. What I’ve always loved about the series is the amazing moments with my friends huddled around a tv set, screaming and cheering each other on.

While you can still get together and play on your 3DS’s, everyone will be looking at their own screens and the closeness that the console experience brings to the table will be all but dead. In my opinion, I just can’t see how that will stack up to getting a group of buddies over and gathering around a 40+ inch screen while battling in crisp HD on the Wii U.

Like I said before, Smash has been such a social game for me, and many others, that I think the 3DS handheld version will strip some of that away and in turn, take away some of what made the franchise so much fun and alluring.

My other reason for not being too hyped for this installment has to do with the controls themselves.

Now we all know that Nintendo has made the great move of creating a Gamecube controller adapter,  so we can use the controller that so many people adore using in Smash’s newest installment on the Wii U. The problem is that the 3DS version will not have this and in turn, the controls will be different for both of the the versions of the game.

With a game so precise as Smash Brothers, I don’t want to have to worry about not remembering the correct moveset for my favorite fighter. The combat in this franchise can get very intense and having to remember one for the Gamecube layout and the 3DS layout is something that I just do not want to spend my time doing.

Remember, this is not to say that I think that Smash Bros for the 3DS will be bad, but I’m just not all that excited for it. I am completely fine with waiting the extra time for the Wii U version of the title.


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