Rogue Legacy Thrives In The PlayStation Ecosystem

Every once in awhile there, there’s a game that sneaks up on you and you completely fall in love with. In this case, that game is Rogue Legacy. The art is beautiful, the humor is spot on and the music is beautiful, but what really helps this game shines is the PlayStation ecosystem. What does that mean? Let’s take a look.

For those of you who don’t know, Rogue Legacy is a beautiful 2D side scroller from the folks at Cellar Door Games and has recently popped up on the PlayStation Store. This game has been available on the PC through Steam for over a year now, but many gamers, including myself, have only recently got their hands on it due to its arrival on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Vita.

Now what do I mean that this game “thrives in the PlayStation ecosystem?

Rogue Legacy implements a couple of features entitled “Cross Buy’ and  “Cross Save”. This means that if you buy it once on any platform, you have also recieved it on the other two as well and that your save will carry over from console to console at the simple touch of a button.

In my personal case, I own the PlayStation 4 and Vita and my experience with the Cross Save feature has been amazing. For instance, let’s say I’m playing my game at home on the PlayStation 4 and I’m having a blast with it, but I have to go to school or work. With a simple press of the X button in the settings menu, I can sync my saves up on all consoles. This means that I can grab my Vita that second, sync the saves up, and continue at the exact same spot I was when I shut off my PlayStation 4.

This is an absolutely amazing feature and I can’t wait to use in my university setting. I can also imagine someone who takes the bus or subway to work will also find this feature just absolutely beautiful. Being able to seamlessly take your game from the PlayStation 4 to the Vita and back again, means that whether you play at home or on the go, you’re always plugged right into your game.

This is a feature I’d love to see more games that are available on both consoles implement. Gone are the days of having to play a save that you don’t really care about when you’re playing on your handheld.

This may not be a huge deal for everyone, but personally I’ve found it to be very useful and like I previously said, I can’t wait to use it in my college commutes and setting. Rogue Legacy is an amazing title and the addition of the “Cross Buy” and “Cross Save” only make it that much better.


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