Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Could Be Most Unneeded Remake To Date

When Sleeping Dogs was released two years ago, I was a huge fan of it. I thought the combat was fun, the game looked good and I even enjoyed the environment that we were presented with. To my astonishment, a little while back Square Enix announced that we will be seeing a “Definitive Edition” this October. Let’s take a look why I think that this may be a move that may not be a good one.

I’ll be blunt with my point. I simply don’t see the market for this game. As someone, who pushed hard to get this game to sell well, I think that purchasing this game on any of the three platforms, that being PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, is just an asinine  idea.

My biggest complaint with this is the price point that you can find this game already. At retail, you can find the physical game for around 20 USD on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and on Steam you can find the digital PC version at the same price point. Although the graphics on the consoles may not be up to par with the Definitive Edition’s, I can’t believe that the DE will be that much more visually impressive than the PC version with texture packs and mods enabled.

I know that the current generation console versions will look better than their past generation counterparts, but is that alone worth the 60 USD price tag? In my opinion, Sleeping Dogs was never a game that depended on it’s visuals to wow the user. With that aside, the only other extra you get is the artbook that is included is the artbook, but you have to pre-order it to receive the book. In theory, that sounds pretty cool, but the fact that is only a 28-pages is a bit disappointing.

I’m just not seeing enough from this title to justify my pre-order or a purchase of this game at full price. I think that is the artbook was just included on the package itself, it may make things better, but I can’t see many people having enough trust in this title to pre-order it.

As someone who really enjoyed the game, I hope that Square Enix doesn’t look at the possible poor sales of this game and say that there is not an interest for a true sequel. In the best case scenario, this game is being made to help fund the beginning of work on said sequel, but only time will tell.


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