Gamescom 2014 Sony Media Briefing Live Impressions

Welcome to Gaming Tech United’s very first Live Impressions. This will be your stop to see what our thoughts on what Sony is bringing to Gamescom 2014 as it happens.

We will be going live about an hour or so before the presentation starts (1PM EST), so if you’re reading this things are probably about to start!

Need a place to watch it? Here are a few places to find the stream:

PlayStation Site

PlayStation Twitch

Here’s a quick look at how this will go down. I will post a time in bold pertaining to what time it is in the day, in EST, in bold and then my comment will follow it. For example:

12:00 PM: This is just a test

I hope you enjoy your time with us and I can’t wait to sit and discuss this with you. Be sure to leave your thoughts down in the comments section so we can get a dialogue going throughout the presentation. I’d love to hear from every single one of you.

Without further ado, let’s get this thing going!


12:04 PM: Welcome to the live blog. I can’t wait to see what Sony is going to bring to the table and I hope that you guys are just as excited as I am!

12:07 PM: I must admit, I am a sucker for presentations like this. Love E3 and I love Gamescom as well. Microsoft had a pretty solid show and the news that they sealed up Rise of the Tomb Raider has shaken the internet!

12:09 PM: I wonder if we’re going to start on time for this conference. Unlike Sony’s conference at E3. Hahaha.

12:14 PM: Supposedly we’re getting a new exclusive IP from a European dev during this presentation. I’m anxious to see what it is. Hopefully we see some more from Bloodbourne as well.

12:34 PM: The candle lighting in The Order 1886 is just gorgeous. Wow.

12:39 PM: I’m still very much on the fence about Driveclub. Never been a huge racing fan and it doesn’t seem like title to sway me.

12:43 PM: What is Counterspy? Looks fun. Great artstyle!

12:50 PM: Ten minutes to go! Ahhhh!

12:54 PM: I dig this music they’re playing!

12:55 PM : Gonna stop bolding the time. It’ll make things faster. Also, First Light!

1:01 PM: Don’t Wake Me Up is now playing. Haha LBP3 time!

1:03: Bloodborne. Yes. Let’s do this!

1:05: I can’t wait to see how great Bloodborne is going to be. I’m very excited by it and I know I’m going to have a blast with it. Also Sony is rocking this dance music today. Haha.

1:11: Wow. 10 million PS4’s sold in 9 months. Congrats to Sony. Amazing sales.

1:13: This man looks so damn awkward. Haha.

1:15: Woah, this game looks very interesting. I love the art style.

1:18: Loved Thomas Was Alone. can’t wait to see what’s next!

1:19 PM: Volume. A Stealth based, RObin hood esque game. I like the idea!

1:22 PM: I can’t wait to never play DayZ, even if it makes its way to the PS4.

1:25 PM: What the hell?

1:28 PM: This game is absolutely gorgeous! Wow. I need to play it now.

1:29 PM: called RIME.  I will be buying that for sure! Also these indies are looking gooooood!

1:32 PM: Hellblade and Rime are my most anticipated from what we’ve seen thus far. Will be waiting to see more.

1:34 PM: The BEATA

1:39: Did I just take a bunch of acid? Haha oh Far Cry 4

1:440 PM: So that’s how FC4’s trial will work. 10 keys, 2 hour trials.

1:42 PM: Wonder what Kojima’s announcement will be?

1:47 PM: PT’s a new horror game whose teaser is now on the PS Store

1:51 PM: New Until Damn for the PS4.

1:54 PM: Driveclub hmm? Zzzzz

1:56 PM: Oh, weather? Coooool.

1:59 PM: Tearaway coming to the PS4? A new tearaway game coming to the PS4?

2:02 PM: Game looks beautiful, but idk if it’s for me.

2:05 PM: New Housemarque IP. Fuck yes.

2:08 PM: Wild announced. Open world. Looks gorgeous.

2:10 PM: I’ll be giving Wild a chance. Music is great, art style is gorgeous. Hell yeah.


That’s it folks! Hellblade, Rime, Until Dawn, Alienation all look like titles I’ll be buying! Keep it locked in to GTU to see more from these us on these titles!

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with us!


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