Why Dragon Ball Xenoverse Create A Character Makes It The Most Anticipated DBZ Game

If you’ve been following Dragonball Xenoverse news as of late, then you’ll know that there was a mystery fighter that had been unveiled. Many speculated who he was, if he was a new character or maybe even a custom character. Well it has officially been announced by the game’s developers that we will be able to create our very own Z fighter in Dragon Ball’s newest video game.


This news, although it was already rumored, has me very excited. The biggest shock to me was that the player will be able to choose their race. In the press release the races of Earthling, Namekien, and Majin were announced. It was also said that we will be hearing about more races in the future. Could this mean that we may be able to play as an android or maybe even the race that Frieza is?

This shows that they are diving a bit deeper into the create a character model and really gives me hope that this could be the definitive game in the entire Dragon Ball gaming library.

The addition of choosing the race also brings many other possibilities to the forefront. Will we get to choose our character’s size? I think it would be cool to play as a shorter character like Kid Buu or Krillin. Will we get to choose the color of our Ki blast? If the create a fighter system is as deep as I’m hoping, these will be added to the list of features.

The thing that has gotten me so excited about this game is just how much it harkens back to my love of the series when I was younger. I remember growing up drawing my own characters. Whether I created myself as a Saiyan, or I create another alien race character, my mind was always at work creating a new character to fight along the Z Fighters and now, I will finally get to live out that childhood dream on my PlayStation 4.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is set to release in 2015 and you can guarantee with this news I will be all over it on day one. We’ll keep you guys updated with any news that we get through the developer and I hope that this news has gotten you all as excited for this title as I am.


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