Why I Love The Dead Island Series

Dead Island is a very polarizing series that some absolutely hate, but some gamers absolutely love. Personally I’m in the camp that loves the Dead Island franchise. It’s a series that has taken a lot of flack in recent years, but through it all, my love for Techland’s, and now Yager Development’s, zombie franchise has not wavered? Why you ask? let’s take a look!


If there’s one thing that appeals to me about Dead Island, it is the game’s charm. I think one reason I love the Dead Island series so much goes hand in hand with the reason I enjoy low budget horror movies. They both posses the exact same charm and I truly believe that’s what calls out in the Dead Island franchise to me.

The dialogue is super cheesy, the acting is not anything to shake a stick at and the set pieces seem pretty cliche. This all culminates to exactly the point I referred previously, that low budget horror flick feel that the Dead Island games ooze is something that I’m drawn to like a bug drawn to a bright light at night.

The combat might not be super tight, but it was something that I got used to over my multiple playthroughs. After a decent amount of time with the first game, I was completely accustomed to how the game wanted you to play. That along with the RPG system made the original Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide both games that I played through multiple times.

I also believe that these multiple playthroughs and countless hours of play these games developed a small place in my gamer heart for them. From the get go I loved the charm that Dead Island exuded, but after a prolonged time with it, I grew to have a real love for the tone and gameplay and now I look back on the original with a bit off nostalgia.

Although Techland is not a part of Dead Island 2, I am still anxiously awaiting to see what Yager Development can do with their first swing of the bat. I truly hope that they stay with this wacky tone and by the looks of their trailer during E3 this year, we’re getting just that.

I understand that not everyone loves the Dead Island series and I’m perfectly ok with that. The point of this piece is to inform our always-amazing reader as to why I love these games. I’m not trying to convince anyone and I hope it did not come off as such. All in all Dead Island has been a series I’ve loved since 2011 and I hope that in 2015, that love will continue. If it doesn’t though, there’s always Techland’s new project, Dying Light waiting for me in the wings.


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