Grand Theft Auto VI Would Thrive In Las Vegas

Even with Grand Theft Auto V yet to hit the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, now is as good as time as ever to start speculating and throwing our ideas out there as to where Grand Theft Auto VI may take place. Now we know that the folks at Rockstar always change the name of their big cities, but they are always based of a preexisting one. In my opinion Las Vegas would be an ideal place to bring Rockstar’s powerhouse of a franchise to once it comes time to create the new title.


Like I alluded to, this is all speculation, but it’s always a good time throwing our ideas into the ring and making up theories as to why it would be a fun experience.

Las Vegas would be the perfect to show off the full power of the current gen consoles and the PC. Just imagine what Rockstar could do when developing with an engine that can use the power that those consoles and PC’s give it.

For a second, close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to be standing on the Las Vegas strip in the game. The beautiful lights, the loud music and the bustling night life all combine for what could an amazing experience.

As someone who is a big fan of the neon lighting used in inFAMOUS: Second Son, I would absolutely love to see what the Las Vegas Strip would look like as we are cruising down in it a car or even better on foot. I admit, this may only be a personal thing, but there was something special about walking around Times Square in GTA IV and I think that this could be just as fun, if not even more so.

The story itself could also be done nicely in the Las Vegas area. If Rockstar were to focus on the night life like the casino going, strip clubs, big Vegas shows, street performers and so on, I really believe we could get something special. The desert found in the area also provides a nice, stark contrast to that found on the strip and could serve as a great area to carry out missions to freshen up the pace.

Rockstar is also known for parodying this in pop culture, like they did with their Steve Jobs / Mark Zuckerberg  character in the past installment. I think it would be hilarious to see a take on History channel’s Pawn Stars and see a few jokes thrown their way and maybe a mission or two where you go in a wreak havoc on their shop.

All in all, I think Las Vegas provides a nice scene for Grand Theft Auto VI to take place. The night life which was very fun in The Ballad of Gay Tony could be put on display again and could be ramped up even further due to it being set in the home of wild, Las Vegas. This of course is pure opinion and speculation, so if you have any ideas of where you’d like to see the game take place, let me know! We would love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto VI Would Thrive In Las Vegas”

  1. in a game world vegas would be too small but i like your idea they should just make it a expansion for gta v and the next game should be in vice city then go across the pond to england …

    1. I agree that Las Vegas is a bit on the short side and the more and more I think about it, the more I would like a tri-city game. Maybe something involving Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles. I think with the power of the PS4/X1/PC Rockstar could pump out something special.

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