Destiny Is Flawed, But I Keep Coming Back

Destiny has launched to some serious polarizing views. Some hate it, while others seem to speak like the title is the second coming of video game Jesus. I have vocalized many  complaints about the game through social media and while I admit the game has many flaws that need to be addressed, I still somehow find myself returning to Bungie’s newest title night after night.


I’ll be the first one to admit that Destiny is NOWHERE near perfect. The story is shallow, the characters are not memorable, there isn’t matchmaking where there should be and the loot system, while improved, still isn’t perfect.

With that being said, I still come back and play Destiny every single night. I think there are three main factors in this decision: the controls/mechanics and the “fear” of the unknown.

Addressing the shooting is pretty simple. I contend that Destiny is one of the better shooters I’ve played in the past few years, strictly from a technical standpoint. The controls are tight and you really feel that you’re getting better and better as the game goes on. You don’t feel as if you’re just shooting at air, you actually get some sort of a feel when shooting and all the weapons have a certain “weight” to them that I think really lends itself well to the game.

Bungie definitely did not lose their touch when talking about the way this game controls. The sparrows and other vehicles are fun to ride and like I said before, the aiming and shooting is damn solid. I also find myself having way too much fun double and triple jumping around the planets with the Hunter. Who knew that having that ability would be such a blast?!

The other factor to destiny getting its hooks into me is what I called the “fear of the unknown”. Now I don’t mean fear in a literal sense, but in a “Oh man what if I play one more game and get a legendary or exotic engram? I better play another strike before bed!” It may just be the gamer who loves loot in me, but I love the feeling I get when I see a purple engram fly from an enemies’ dead body.

All in all, is Destiny perfect? Hell no, but it’s a fun time. Like I said before, I acknowledge there are many flaws, but the two factors I listed have drawn me in more than I expected to be. Bungie missed the boat on creating something that will change the video game industry, but they did manage to pop out a title that, with some improving, could continue to provide a very enjoyable experience for those who are playing.


3 thoughts on “Destiny Is Flawed, But I Keep Coming Back”

  1. That’s because there’s literally been nothing new in the competitive FPS genre in nearly a year, due to delays. Destiny is dead, as soon as Borderlands:TPS, FC4, Halo:TMCC and COD:AW release. Of course PS4-only gamers will have to wait for another Killzone I suppose, so they’ll probably continue grinding away on Destiny. Bungie might as well go full-on exclusive with Sony, because XBOX doesn’t need Destiny.

  2. Bungie/Activision will never go Sony exclusive as they are dying company. Their Sony deal just cost Activision 20% of their share prices alone.

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