Smash Bros. For 3DS Made Me A Believer

I’ll be the first one to admit that I wasn’t excited for Super Smash Bros for 3DS. I even made an article stating all my reasons for it. I didn’t think the visuals looked all that nice, I wasn’t for sure that the controls would translate well and I didn’t think the game would be all that fleshed out. After playing the demo and purchasing the game, I can truthfully say that Nintendo completely proved me wrong.

What struck me right away are the controls. Like I previously stated, I didn’t think that they would translate to the handheld very well. The default controls are pretty good, but letting us customize the controls in a  way we see fit is something that makes this game even better.

Personally I wasn’t a fan of my smash attacks being mapped to the B button, so I swapped it with the Y button. I also switched the shield and grab buttons and I’ve found with those changes, the game i much more to my liking.

I was also proved very wrong when it came to the visuals as well. Videos that were shown to us do this game no justice at all. It’s a very good looking title and the fact that Nintendo got this running so smoothly (60 FPS) on the 3DS blows my mind. I also really appreciate that Nintendo gave us the option to turn off that black outline around your character. In my opinion, it makes the game look that much better and gives it that classic Smash “feel”.

I’m also blown away by the amount of content there is to do in the game. My favorite game mode is Classic, where you around and fight random battles, winning trophies and other goodies, then finishing against the evil Master Hand. There’s also Smash Run (the 3DS’ exclusive mode), All- Star mode, Multi Man Smash, Target Blast, Home-Run Contest, and Trophy Rush. I may be missing a few modes, but these are the ones that I’ve been playing.

I didn’t think that we would see so many modes in the handheld version and to have them be so much fun, really has made me applaud Nintendo and their efforts with this game.

Like I had said before, I was very skeptical about Smash Bros for 3DS, but Nintendo really hit it out of the park. The graphics are good looking, the music is great and the controls are tight. I’ve enjoyed this title so much since I’ve picked it up and I have to admit, this game has made me even more hyped for Smash Bros for Wii U.


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