I Don’t Trust 2K Enough To Buy Evolve

Evolve’s concept appealed to me right off the bat. The 4 against 1, monster vs hunters game style is a rather fresh idea that I could really get behind. When I saw who was developing the game, I was even more excited because I used to sink hours and hours into the Left 4 Dead series. The problem is when I saw who was publishing it, a publisher who I know all too well, 2K Games.


Now what’s the problem with 2K Games? It’s pretty simple, take a look at the NBA 2K series. Simply put, the 2K servers are trash. They just cannot hold up reliably. As someone who loves and plays the NBA 2K series almost daily, the 2K servers are some of the most unreliable that I’ve seen in the gaming community.

With Evolve being a game that relies heavily on an online connection, it really concerns me that there will be times where the servers are down for long periods of time, just because the 2K servers can’t handle them.

Back when NBA 2K14 came out on the PS4 and Xbox One, the servers went down for about a week and a half during the Christmas holiday. If something like that were to happen to Evolve, I don’t think that the game could bounce back.

I hope that things work out perfectly for the folks behind Evolve. I hope the launch goes off without a hitch when February hits and the game sells millions. I just know that I won’t be among the people who are buying it. Having a history with the 2K servers just makes me a bit on edge when it comes to a game that relies so heavily on an online component.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Trust 2K Enough To Buy Evolve”

  1. Very interesting article indeed as I am a person that really does not play sports games and would never truly taken something like this into consideration when thinking of buying evolve! I really had no idea what so ever that there were issues on their servers at all. This does make it a game changer that is for sure. I have already sworn off all day one releases all together as I’m sick of paying full price to be a beta tester……..especially on PC. Just sad to see these developers spitting out broken garbage especially on consoles, but this server thing is something that should never even be an issue.

    Going to be interesting to see the day one fiasco that is potentially going to happen if this is not addressed.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, brother! I hope this game succeeds, but I just don’t trust 2K enough to buy a online-focused game like Evolve right out of the gate.

      Again, thanks for taking the time out of your day to give us some feedback. I hope to see you come back in the future!

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