Destiny Astronaut Ice Cream Review

Ahhh yes, Destiny. The game made by the folks over at Bungie, that seemed to split a majority of the gaming community into polar opposite groups. Some loved it, others hated, but this piece here is taking a look at something a bit more odd about the game. Two words: ice cream. That’s right, a favorite dessert of many people across the world now has the Destiny logo plastered on the front. Will this freeze dried treat make a better impression than the game? Let’s take a look.


I first saw this one day while roaming Target. I saw the Destiny logo and beneath it layed the words ASTRONAUT ICE CREAM. I picked it up and reluctantly threw it in my cart, due to the fact that it wasn’t very pricey. I had never had any sort of astronaut food in the past, so I thought ice cream would be a safe bet.

Boy was I wrong. This stuff is more bland than the story of Destiny and leaves an even worst taste in your mouth than the ending of the main campaign does. I have no idea if this thing will ever become a collectable and by god, I could not care less, because this was one of the worst food items that have ever crossed my lips. Even as a morbidly obese man, not even the cool video game tie in could make this a dish worth advocating on taste alone.

So is this a purchase worth investing in? No no and no. The taste is bad, the artwork on the front is a bit boring and other than the logo on the front, you don’t get anything that tells you this is Destiny related. I thought there might be some cool code for a skin for a ghost or a special armor set, but all I was left with was a terrible trip through a freeze dried Neapolitan hell.

I can only advise you buy this product if you are a diehard Destiny fan and must have everything that Bungie has released product wise. Other than that, I don’t see this being something you should spend your hard earned cash on.

Destiny Astronaut Ice Cream gets a 1/10


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