One Small Tweak Turns The Crew Into A Fun Game

The Crew is something that I wasn’t all too excited for. I thought it was a neat idea, but it never really captivated me. Less than a week ago I stumbled upon some extra trade in credit at GameStop and decided to give Ubisoft’s racing game a spin. When I played the game, I noticed the gripes people were talking about, but the biggest thing that bugged me was how loose the steering felt. Was there  way to fix this problem, or did The Crew spin out of control? Let’s take a look!


Like I mentioned before, the handling of the cars in this game just was not up to snuff. Everything felt so loose and really didn’t give you the vibe of driving super fast in a bad ass car. Try as I may, I could not get over this feeling that there was something more to this problem and a way to fix it.

Corners were the biggest hindrance in The Crew. In a game where driving is everything and speed is king, having the ability to grip around corners and have that control was must. Going 120 mph and taking a corner with loose controls is just asking for a smashed up car and a very frustrating player.

Then it dawned on me that if I were to go into the game settings, I could save my rage for another game and really start to enjoy my time with The Crew. I jumped into the menu and then I saw “steering sensitivity”. I cranked it up half way and noticed a huge improvement. I then just decided to go balls to the wall and turn the steering sensitivity all the way up and that’s when The Crew really started to click for me.

I had always enjoyed the “RPG” elements of the game, but now that the controls felt more responsive and the game made me feel as if I was actually speeding through these cities at high speeds.

This all made me scratch my head as to why Ubisoft didn’t just set the controls a bit tighter from the get go. I really encourage anyone who didn’t like the way the game controls, then try and do what I suggested. It makes cornering and driving in general a lot more responsive and in turn, makes the a lot more fun.

The Crew isn’t anywhere near perfect, but it’s a great title to just sit back and have mindless racing fun with.


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