GTA Online Finally Clicked For Me

I initially played Grand Theft Auto Online back on the Xbox 360. It’s buggy start left a taste in my mouth that I wouldn’t forget and would have me leave the game alone until GTA V’s PS4 release. A game that I was completely turned off by, has morphed into one of my main time killers. How was this done? Let’s take a look and see!


Like I previously stated, I first tried my hand at GTA Online when it hit the Xbox 360. We all know how rocky that start was and how many characters were lost in the first couple weeks the game was live. Personally, I lost three characters due to the server woes and I believe that’s what initially set me off to the game.

With this bad mindset, I just couldn’t get into the game. I tried playing with buddies, by myself and with strangers, but nothing I did would give me any sort of satisfaction (cue the Rolling Stones if needed). Looking back, I don’t think there’s anything the game could have thrown at me due to my pissy outlook at the time.

When GTA V for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hit just awhile back, I decided to pick them up and in turn, play some GTA Online as well. My expectations weren’t very high, but as I started playing, I noticed that I was having more and more fun with it. My sadness and anger from before was now smiles and laughter.

Something was radically different about this time playing and I truly believe that it was my mindset. The loss of three characters and the constant server problems that I was plaguaed with in the initial release totally killed any vibe I had with this game right off the bat. Given time to get that taste out of my mouth really helped here and now GTA Online has become a huge part of what I play.

The atmosphere is awesome and I love playing it with other people or even completely by myself. The grind of getting money and slowly building up to a new car or gun is an adrenaline pumping experience and gives you that feeling that you always want to do one more mission. In ym eyes, when a game has me wanting to squeeze one more mission, or match in, the developers have successfully done their job.

So this is my apology, Rockstar. Thank you for creating such a fun mode for us all to enjoy. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.


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