Crowning A Winner Of The “Console War” Right Now Is Plain Stupid

Spending any amount of time on the internet looking at gaming related content will unveil an ugly thing called the “Console War”. This is a war of sales mainly between Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. I’m not a fan of engaging in this war myself, but there are millions of fans out there who seem to live and die off of how the “war” plays out. For the sake of this piece, let’s take a look at this war and see why declaring a winner this early on is just plain stupid.


Just a few weeks back from now, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both celebrated one year on the market and yet fans of both console are debating that their choice in console has won the fight already. In my eyes, this is just plain silly. If everything goes as Sony and Microsoft planned, these consoles will be alive and kicking 6-8 years from now. Arguing that your favorite piece of hardware has officially won just one year into a 10ish year plan is very narrow minded.

I look at it this way; we do not know what’s coming from both of these companies in the future. Sure we may know what games are coming in the next year or so, but we don’t know if PlayStation has an ace up their sleeve, or maybe Microsoft has a special title that will change how we look at video games. In four years, the PS4 may have a killer title that redefines a genre and brings many Xbox gamers over to Sony’s side of the battle. The same could be said for Microsoft We just don’t know.

Although I mentioned positive things, very negative things could occur too. What if the folks over at PlayStation implement a mandatory service or fee that cripples PlayStation Network and its functionality. What if Xbox brings back the always online DRM? What if Sony has multiple AAA titles flop back to back to back? We just don’t know how these things could play out and crowning a champion this early on is something that shouldn’t happen.

My advice to those who are on the front lines battling their fellow human on a message board? Just stop, relax and enjoy what’s out now and coming out. You don’t have to justify your purchase with someone else’s opinion. As long as your choice made you happy, you don’t need to crown your system the winner or a fictional war. I promise you’ll enjoy the time you spend with your games even more than before.


4 thoughts on “Crowning A Winner Of The “Console War” Right Now Is Plain Stupid”

  1. The PS4 is more powerful, has more games, and multiplatform games perform better on it. The developers have called it; just let it go.

  2. Since when has anyone ever said Xbox has won the console war!?!
    It’s pretty obvious you are an Xbox lover in denial! Lol
    Accept the facts……fight a new battle, this war is over.

    1. Awe man Steve you got me! I’m the biggest Xbox fanboy out there…..with my PS4 that I got on launch day at midnight. Your theory would hold some water, but I don’t even own an Xbox One. Nice try! 🙂

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