Will We See Single Player DLC for GTA V?

Something that I still hold fond from Grand Theft Auto IV is the two single player DLC’s that Rockstar created. “The Lost and the Damned” and “The Ballad of Gay Tony” were two amazing experiences that I really enjoyed spending my time and money on. Now that we have GTA V on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, will we finally see some DLC Rockstar, or are they only working on the heists for GTA Online? Let’s take a look!


As much fun as I’ve had with GTA Online, and will keep having with it, I would love to see what Rockstar could do with the world they’ve created in Grand Theft Auto V. One of my favorite things from the GTA IV DLC wasa the fact that it took us to new places to meet new people and put them in new situations. We got new story in a setting that we all grew to love.

As much as I enjoyed Liberty City, I love Los Santos 100x more. There’s more of a variety of areas and everywhere feels so alive. With this in mind I couldn’t even imagine the things Rockstar could create, the characters they would introduce and the missions we would be in the middle of. To this day I still remember breaking into the jail yard with Johnny in “The Lost and the Damned”. To try and guess what they could do on this engine and with this map just makes me giddy as a school girl.

The real question is if we’re actually going to get them and when. We all know that heists are hitting us in 2015 and although I can’t wait to play the hell out of them, I fear that Rockstar has been to concerened about them and not focused on bringing us that signature DLC from GTA IV.

All in all, I truly hope that Rockstar has some single player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V in the works. Like I’ve said before, I really enjoy the stories they have given us in the past and given the location, I can’t even imagine what they could bring us in the future.


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