Why Are Some Gamers Opposed To Indies?

In the past few years, I’ve really grown to love indie games. The stories are great, the ideas are fun and the low price of them also doesn’t hurt. This year in particular, one could make the case that some of the year’s best games are that of the small budget or indie sort. The question though, is why don’t some gamers play indie games, or respect them as actual games? Let’s take a look!


In the past, I wasn’t huge on indie titles. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them, or was opposed to them, I just didn’t have a way to really play them, as I didn’t have a gaming PC. As time has progressed though, my love for small budget games has blossomed and I have evn considered two of the sort to be Game of the Year contenders the past two years.

What trips me up though, is a notion that some gamers I have talked to told me. I hear phrases like, “Yeah that game was fun…for an indie game,” or “No, I don’t play any indie games. I don’t like them.” This stigma completely blows my mind. I could maybe accept this way of thinking about 7 years back, but in the year 2014, almost 2015? No way.

I just cannot comprehend how someone won’t play an indie game. In the year 2014, we’ve gotten great experiences from small studios. Let’s look at Shovel Knight for example. This game is beautifully made by the folks at Yacht Club Games and many people are picking this as their Game of the Year. If someone says they will not play indie games, or small budget ones, then they will sadly miss out on a game of this caliber.

This idea that you have to pay a full retail price of 60 USD to get the full experience of a video game is something that I just can’t wrap my head around. I’ve spent more time and had more fun on games like Shovel Knight than I did on big budget games like Assassin’s Creed Unity, or even Destiny. These games have massive budgets, but don’t have the magic behind them that these small studios have.

I understand that we all have our own tastes, but to segregate your gaming experience in such a way just makes me scratch my head. Not playing indie games deprives you from an amazing array of games and experiences, experiences that I truly believe every gamer should have.


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