Starbomb Player Select Review

Music is a big part of my life, just like video games are. When those two cross paths, it usually results in me jumping through the roof in excitement and that’s exactly what Starbomb did when they released their first self-entitled album back in December of 2013. Well that time rolled around again this past year in 2014 and we were hit with a second video game themed album. Does it live up to the first album, or did Starbomb explode into a sophomore slumping supernova? Let’s take a look and find out.


In this review I’ll take a look a few of my favorite tracks and then I’ll give my overall impressions. We’ll start off with the second song on the album “Smash!”.

“Smash!” is the first single released off of Starbomb and has also been accompanied by a nice animated video. The song follows Luigi as him and the Nintendo crew are introduced to the world of Super Smash Brothers. The song has a great rock pop feel to it and the chorus hits a few notes that will make you smile as they resonate through your ears.

It’s also nice to see that Brian, Danny and Arin have brought on Markiplier, of YouTube fame, as a guest feature on the track. He plays the part of the Smash Brothers announcer and does a damn fine job. “Smash!” is beautifully done with some great jokes thrown in to compliment a stellar song.

The next track I’ll be looking at is “The Hero of Rhyme”. In this song, Egoraptor, or Arin if you will, shows off his growth as a musician and delivers probably his best performance yet. His timing has improved, as has his delivery and overall voice. If you weren’t listening to the lyrics, “The Hero of Rhyme” sounds like a song an electronic rap group may have put together. Great production, an amazing chorus and a funny story throughout make this track one of the best on the record, if not of both albums.

My favorite song on the entire album is “Glass Joe’s Title Fight”. In this track, Danny plays Glass Joe and Arin plays Doc training Glass Joe. This is by far one of the best songs Starbomb has ever created. The tune has a great Punch Out vibe to it and the ever changing chorus as Glass Joe goes through his training and match is just superb.

I hate to gush over a song, but I’ve had to have played this song a good 50 times before writing this review. Danny, Arin and Brian really shine in “Glass Joe’s Title Fight” and deliver something really special. It brings the humor, great soundtrack and overall quality that Starbomb should be known for.

The last track that I’ll overview is “Minecraft Is For Everyone” and it was a surprising one. I went in not expecting much because I really don’t like Minecraft all that much. After the song had run its course, I was playing ti again and again. The song follows a Creeper on his journey to become a good guy and how badly he fails.

Surprisingly, Starbomb also got Notch, the creator of Minecraft, to do a guest spot on the track and Arin hilariously throws his opinion out of the window over the course of the song. It’s a bit of a more relaxed song barring some screaming, but overall it’s a nice change of pace and a pretty cool idea for a track that I didn’t think I’d enjoy, but did.

Overall, Player Select is a damn fine album. I truly believe that all three guys have improved greatly since their last album and created something special for us gaming fans. If you have any interest in Game Grumps, video games, Ninja Sex Party, or just rock pop music in general, give this album a look, it will be completely worth your time.

Starbomb: Player Select gets a 8/10


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