PS4 Multifunction Carrying Case Review

Being a college student who goes from his university to his hometown every 2-3 months and brings his PlayStation 4 with him, my PlayStation 4’s box is wrecked and ravaged. The cardboard is torn, the handle is coming off and the corners are all hit in. This started me on the quest for a carrying case for my machine and that’s when I stumbled on the CTA Multifunction Carrying Case, I thought I found my answer. Would this case protect my PS4 in its travels, or has it duped me into sinking money into an overpriced tote bag? Let’s take a look and see.


Without many options designed specifically for the PlayStation 4, I jumped head first into my purchase of CTA’s carrying case. I was a bit hesitant at first, but since I was using gift cards from Christmas presents, I wasn’t as precautious about my purchase. Also the need of a case was a very urgent one, as my PS4’s original box was in dire straights.

When I first pulled the carrying case out of the shipping box, I was taken aback at how nice the case itself was. The build quality was pretty damn nice for a case that only cost me around the 30-40 USD price point. The material itself was a thick on and the buckles and zippers were a heavy plastic and metal, respectively.

The case feature a “book” style design, with one half carrying the PlayStation and the other half housing things like the DualShock 4 controller, wires and games.

I was particularly surprised at the number of pockets and cases that the case itself houses. There are numerous places for controllers, game cases, TV remotes, HDMI cables, Blu-Rays and anything else you have packed in with you PlayStation 4. From what I can tell, this bag will be replacing my original PS4 box and extra bag that I use to transport all of my gaming accessories.

All in all, I recommend CTA’s PS4 Carrying Case for anyone who moves their PlayStation 4 console from place to place. For someone in my position, a college student living away from my hometown, this is perfect and the price point makes it even better. The materials are of a good quality, the design isn’t extra bulky and while carrying it, I feel as if my PS4 is genuinely safe. I’d say that is a phrase that any accessory strives out to accomplish and CTA did just that.

CTA’s PS4 Multifunctional Carrying Case gets a 9/10


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