What The Gaming Community Can Learn From 2014, Part 1: Gamers

Reflecting on the past year is the best way to grow and make the upcoming year a great one. Doing just that in the gaming community could make 2015 one of the best years us gamers have ever experienced. In this two part series we’ll be looking at what the gamers and the game creators can do to improve the gaming community as a whole. In part one, we’ll be focusing on the gamers. What can we do on our end to improve the video game community? Let’s take a look!



The first thing I want to focus on is that we, the end user, should temper our expectations. This isn’t saying that we shouldn’t be excited for your favorite titles, but keeping those expectations realistic will result in you enjoying a game much more when it hits your console. Whether you’re excited for Batman Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4, or any game in between, keeping these games in perspective and not letting the media hype get to you, is something we should work on in 2015.

I honestly think that self hype, or hype cause by one’s self, is much more intense than the media’s hype. Yes the media will blast you with ads of games all day and on the internet, but I truly believe that if we don’t let that get to us and keep a level head, we won’t experience this as widespread as we did in 2014.

I know for one that I fell victim to self hype in 2014. Watch_Dogs and Destiny were both games that I hyped myself up way too much for. Although I don’t think these games were inherently bad, I think that I let the hype get to me and I built up an enormous amount of self hype about these two titles. I’ll be sure to keep my cool about games hitting this year and I think it will help me enjoy them a lot more in the long run.


The other big thing that I believe us gamers need to do, and this may be a bit controversial, is to be a lot more respectful to our fellow gamers. Now we all know the hot button issues in the gaming industry this year revived around feminism and Gamer Gate and things of that nature.

Personally, I did not get mixed up in all of that. From the outside looking in, I only offer one piece of advice. What is that advice? Simply be kind to your fellow gamer and respect them. Even if you don’t agree with what they’re saying, there’s no reason to call them an asshole, or a bitch, or a pig, or any name.

Use 2015 to mature as a person and not only a gamer. Even if you don’t think someone is right about something, simply state your case and move on. Take a breath and walk away after that and be done with it. I hated seeing my fellow gamers spew that kind of venom at each other in the past year and I hope 2015 can bring an end to all of that. Video games have always brought people together, let’s stop using them to push each other apart.

Well that’s it guys and girls, there’s my short list. I hope you agree with these points, but if you don’t let me know. Part 2 will be up pretty soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for it! I truly believe that if we use these two pointers correctly and often, we can grow the gaming community into a better place in 2015.


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