Dragon Ball Xenoverse Delay Shows It Will Be The Best Yet

If there’s one game that I am excited for in 2015, it would hands down be Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Whenever I see game play from it, my heart beats a little bit faster and that feeling of when I was a child watching Toonami after school kicks in. When I heard that the game would be delayed, I didn’t have the conventional feeling of disappointment. Instead, this announcement only ramped up my excitement. Why? Let’s take a look and find out.


Now I understand why some feel disappointed at the announcement of a delay. I can see wanting to get your hands on this game as soon as humanly possible, but in my eyes, the fact that this game got delayed should make you even more excited for launch day.

Many video games in the Dragon Ball franchise have felt empty or rushed out. A delay shows me that this game wasn’t ready and that the team behind it cares enough to put in the extra work and ship a quality product out to their consumer.

Many other devs in the past would ship out an unfinished Dragon Ball game and count on us DBZ faithful to go out and buy it anyways. It feels good as someone who enjoys the show so much to see a team of developers that really care about the IP and game in their hands.

We’ve all been burned more than once from buying a game because it toted the Dragon Ball logo or name on it. I truly believe that with this delay, Xenoverse could be one of, if not the best Dragon Ball game we have ever gotten. The character customization, the speed of game play, the visuals and sound all make up something that the little Richie Drummond in front of his grandparents’ TV watching Toonami would have had a heart attack over.

From the small talks I’ve had with them, to videos on YouTube of game play, everything I see from Xenoverse is looking top notch. Although I too want to get my hands on the game, a delay will only ensure that we receive a great product that we can turn to when we’re craving an interactive Dragon Ball kick.



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