Club Nintendo Is Dead And It’s Not A Big Deal

If you haven’t heard by now, Club Nintendo is closing up shop this year. The once beloved service has finally hit its expiration date and Nintendo has decided to yank its reward program. Even though this service is officially dying, many Nintendo fans aren’t all that upset. Why? Let’s take a look and see.


I’ve had a real love-hate relationship with Club Nintendo over the past few years. We’ve gotten a few cool things here and there, but it was very evident that Nintendo’s reward program wasn’t going to be around much longer. This was made even clearer when we were met with downloadable games as a choice for achieving Platinum status.

I missed the days of having interesting stuff to get and looking forward to achieving Platinum status to guarantee me an awesome gift at the end of the Club Nintendo year and as of late, that excitement that I once had just hasn’t been there. Honestly, that’s why I’m not sad to see this service go away.

Now I know that Nintendo is looking to create a new and improve reward program of some sort, but I’m sure it will look nothing like Club Nintendo does now.

It just really sucks to look back on how great Club Nintendo had been in the past and to see where it is now, with literally two feet already in the grave, as it’s death date slowly but surely approaches.

I don’t want this piece to come off sounding like I’m happy that CLub Nintendo is going away though. Like I’ve said, there are many rewards that I’ve gotten that I really enjoyed throughout the years and to see that go away, at least for now, isn’t fun.

For me the situation is a lot like having a grandparent in the hospital. You know they’re going to die, but you’re not exactly sure when. That’s how I’ve felt with Club Nintendo the past year or so. I knew the program would move on, but I was not exactly for sure when that date would be, but now we know.

I look back on Club Nintendo with mixed feelings, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the new program we get blows what the current Club Nintendo is doing out of the water.


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