World 1-1 Movie Review

Video game documentaries are always iffy with me. They always seem to have some sort of an agenda. Whether it be to condemn violent games, talk about stereotypes in the gaming community, or promote an event of some sort, these video game themed documentaries are never made in a way that seems one hundred percent genuine. That is what makes World 1-1 such a fantastic film. It does not try and push an agenda on you, it simply tells a story through the eyes of people who lived through it and it does that job masterfully.


World 1-1 is a documentary that focuses on the creation and evolution of the video game industry by following those who used to work at Atari and talking to other prominent figures in the gaming community. Being a movie that started on Kickstarter, I went in with some reservations, as I wasn’t for sure if this would be a genuine piece, or a quick way to grab some money from video game faithful like myself.

I’ll just be upfront here, World 1-1 is a damn fine piece of work. It fires on all cylinders and is a treat to watch throughout. The films thrives on the personalities and boy did they do a great job of talking to an interesting bunch.

We see people who worked on games like Yar’s Revenge, Centipede, Pong and E.T., along with people who work in the games media like Colin Moriarty, Jared Petty and Peer Schneider. Every person that was interviewed throughout the film was insightful, well educated in what they were talking about and just plain fun to listen to. I would kill to sit down and pick the brain of any of the interviewees this film presents.

This film is also weirdly nostalgic for someone my age. Although I’m only 21, hearing these sounds and watching the game play from these Atari 2600-era games gives the titles a certain youth and energy that they had when they first released and brings out that inner nostalgia. I can only imagine the feeling that someone who played these games back when they released will fee when the beeps and beautiful colors from Centipede are shown once again.

I don’t know how to compliment World 1-1 enough. Like I said earlier, I was very hesitant in purchasing this film because I wasn’t for sure if the effort would be there and wow is it there. You can tell that the folks behind this documentary love video games and are truly inspired by them.

I encourage you to go to their website (which I will list below) and purchase, not rent, World 1-1. Give them as much money as possible, as I’d love to see them dive into the Nintendo and Sega era in a World 1-2 or 2-1. I really hope this series continues and grows, because it is something special that every video game fan should give at least one watch in their lifetime. It’s insightful, fun, colorful, and just an all around beautiful film.

I give World 1-1 a 5 out of 5.


You can buy/rent World 1-1 by following this link:


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