Dragon Ball Xenoverse Is My Most Anticipated Game Of The Past Few Years

I’m always one to tell other games to temper expectations. We should never ever go into a game thinking that it is going to be a perfect ten, or change the gaming industry. Going into a title with that mindset will make the game not live up to expectations and will only cause disappointment. With that in mind though, there is a title coming this month that I’ve been overly hyped for. That title? Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


When I first saw previews for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, a switched flipped in my head. Once that switch flipped up, nostalgia started flowing through me. When I saw the screen shots and the videos it flung me back to sitting at my grandparents’ house watching Toonami on Cartoon Network.

I know that not everyone feels this way, but there’s just something about Xenoverse that feels right. The art is right, the sounds are right, the combat looks fun and the heart from the developers seems like something a Dragon Ball Z game hasn’t had in awhile.

I’m not expecting Xenoverse to come out and be a perfect 10 right out of the gates. In all honesty, I don’t think this game is going to come out and make a huge impact on those who don’t hold the Dragon Ball series in high regards, but as someone who does, Xenoverse just hits a chord for me.

Like I said earlier, this might be the first game in a long time that I am legitimately excited for. I don’t think it will change the landscape of gaming, but I think it will create a great place for Dragon ball Z fans to come and experience the world they love in a whole new way.

As Xenoverse’s launch date draws nearer, my anticipation grows. To experience the Dragon Ball Z story line through the eyes of my own custom character is something I’ve dreamed about since those aforementioned days watching Toonami. Xenoverse looks like something special to me and I  cannot wait to get my hands on it and let that nostalgia hit me, as I remember the days of yesteryear.


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