Why I’m Kicking My Amiibo Habit

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical when Amiibo were first announced, but once I got my hands on them I was hooked. I rushed to the store and bought the entire first wave. As time has passed, my love for Nintendo’s toys to life figures severely waned and now I am in the position of selling my collection. Let’s take a look at why I had a change of heart.

Like I previously stated, I loved Amiibo. I loved going out to the store, finding the one I wanted, and finally taking it home to be displayed with the other figures.

Yet as time went on, certain Amiibo like Marth, Villager, and the Wii Fit Trains became very hard to find. Then the internet second hand scalpers hit the stores to scoop up the rare ones, leaving people who actually wanted them to display int he dust.

This meant that if you wanted a full collection of the first wave like I had, you had to put out 50-70 USD to get a Marth  Amiibo and so on. When I saw this happening, I got a pit in my stomach and I saw that collecting these would not be worth the hunt.

Seeing as they don’t unlock any real, substantial content in games, I knew my Amiibo collecting days were through. For me Nintendo has always been about fun. Their games, their consoles, and whatever was stamped with the Nintendo stamp of approval were almost always guaranteed to give you that child-like joy.

When the hunt for these Amiibo became joyless is where I bowed out. I didn’t want to have to pay 70 USD for one figure and 40 for another. The second hand mark ups took the fun out of it for me and I could only imagine how a little kid who loves Animal Crossing felt when he went to the store and couldn’t find one, then goes online to see it’s risen four times its retail value online.

The biggest turn off to collecting Amiibo for me was when the pre-orders sold out and you didn’t even get a chance to find them in stores. That moment was the straw that broke the camel’s back and when coupled with the high mark ups online, I just didn’t care about buying them anymore.

I know there’s no real way to stop the internet scalpers and the secondary market, but once I saw this practice and how it sucked the fun out of it for me, I knew it was time for me to call it quits and stop collecting Nintendo’s newest figures.

Now I want to make it clear that I’m saying that feeling rewarded from this “hunt” is a bad thing or a I don’t condone it. If you enjoy scouring the internet for them and buying them, more power to you. That just doesn’t appeal to me.


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