PlayStation Vita – Gaming’s Polarizing Handheld

Never has there been a handheld that has divided the gaming populous like the Vita has. The owners seem to absolutely adore it, but those who oppose the system adamantly criticize it. Why is Sony’s handheld so controversial? Let’s breakdown the ins and outs of the PlayStation Vita.


I truly believe that one of the Vita’s biggest problems was the fact that we got and Uncharted and Killzone game so soon after launch. These backed up the claims that the Vita would be a portable home console experience and as time went on, it was shown that Sony just did not want to support it as such,

These titles teased that we may get big AAA titles in the Vita’s future and the lack of such really put a sour taste in a lot of gamers mouths. If Sony had been upfront as to what the Vita is (a great place to play indie titles on the go, a place where you’ll get a FEW big titles, and a fantastic place for JRPG’s), then I think that the Vita would be a bigger success. or at least the general gaming public wouldn’t blame Sony for misleading the public on the Vita’s future.

Another negative that the Vita boasts is the memory card situation. If you don’t know, the Vita only use proprietary memory cards and those cards cost an arm and a leg. If Sony would allow other companies to make these memory cards, then we may see a dip in price. This could open up opportunities for Vita owners to obtain more memory for the games they buy. Which brings me to my next point.

Many people claim the Vita simply has “no games.” This is just a bold face lie and not true in the slightest. The reason I bought my Vita in the first place, is because I allotted so many titles through the PlayStation Plus program. Once I had 15 or so games, I thought it would be a wise investment.

A year and a half-ish later, I have loved every second of my Vita. Yes it may not have the big AAA titles, but damn has it provided me with hours and hours of great times on the go.

Yes it’s nowhere near perfect, but if you know what you’re getting into, the Vita is one of the best handheld experiences on the market today. Between PlayStation Plus games, new indie titles, and a library that is MUCH bigger than advertised, the Vita is a damn fine machine that almost every gamer will enjoy.


4 thoughts on “PlayStation Vita – Gaming’s Polarizing Handheld”

  1. It was the PSP all over again. The proprietary memory card hurt it the most, and witht he way they revealed that and how many profiles you could attach to one card 2 weeks before release didn’t help none.Eevn if it was marketed well that memory card crap and PSP all over again got it.

  2. I can’t dig the small space between the face buttons and the tiny sticks. The system feels cramped and a bad control will push me away from any great game it may have.

  3. I’ve had a vita for a year and a half and there actually quite a few AAA titles fifa Lego ea and Sony them selves made it great there was even a third person shooter with multilayer

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