I Love The Witcher 3 For The Same Reason I Loved Skyrim

I’ll be the first one to admit that I was damn near addicted to Skyrim. It came out in a time in my life where I really needed an escape and it’s world was something that always left me in awe and with a smile on my face. Recently, CD Projekt Red has released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and it has hit some of the same chords. But why is that? Let’s take a look and see.


If there was one thing I loved to do in Skyrim, it was explore. I could get lost for hours and just walk around the enormous map, exploring every little nook and cranny I could find. There were days when I would sit down, pick a direction and just see what the world would throw at me.

Would I run into a side quest? Would I meet a group of enemies? Would I not find either of the two, but take in the amazing environment and surroundings? I loved just picking a random path and heading out to see where it led.

The same exact thing can be said about The Witcher 3. This title has a small handful of maps and each one feels like its own, small world. They seem to stretch on for miles and miles and exploring them gives me that same feeling that I got when I was lost in Skyrim.

The amazingĀ color palette, the beautiful soundtrack, the feeling that the world you’re in is alive in itself; all of these things come together in making the world of The Witcher 3 one that I cannot stop exploring.

What I love most about both games is the fact that the best stories players tell each other probably won’t be ones from the actual games’ stories. These are both the sort of titles that thrive on the world producing unique and memorable moments that people will instantly share with their friends.

Being able to create such a convincing world that is easy to get lost in is no easy task and when a developer does it right, it can make for an experience that can hit in the hundreds of hours range. I truly believe that if a developer can do just that, they should be praised for it.

I can only hope that I will sink as much time into The Witcher 3 as I did into Skyrim. As I have finished the main quest, I can’t wait to jump into the world and experience all this world has to offer.


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