Watching E3 As a Fanboy Is The Worst Way To Watch

E3 is a special time in the gaming community, some even refer to it as ‘A Gamer’s Christmas’. New games are shown, release dates are announced, and the biggest titles for the next handful of years are trotted around by their respective developers and publishers. The question is, what’s the best way to watch it? I know the simple answer; not as a fan boy of a certain company.


The gaming community has this fascination with gravitating to one company and waving its flag profusely. Whether they be fans of Nintendo, Sony, or Microsft, the gaming community is usually split into these three groups.

When E3 rolls around, these three groups amp up their usual fanboy screaming and fighting on the console war battlefield, and kick their loyalty into overdrive. This results in forums being filled with hate and hope that one of the big three companies messes up on stage and makes themselves look ridiculous in the process.

I advocate for a more nuetral stance during E3 though. As someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in the three companies (I want to see all three do their best and kick ass), I love sitting back, ordering some pizza and wings, having a few buddies over, and just enjoying the big presentations.

I believe that competition breeds excellence and if all three companies come out, show great games, and really do their brands a service, then in the long run us as consumers are the real victors.

There’s no better way than to sit back and watch every press conference and be excited to see what all of the companies are bringing to the table instead of only cheering for one and hoping that the rest fail.

Now I’m not saying you can’t be even more excited for the consoles you own. As a person who owns a PS4, I’ll be very intrigued by what Sony will bring to their E3 show (please gaming gods no more tv shows), but that doesn’t mean that I’ll be crossing my fingers that Phil Spencer will go up there and ruin the Xbox division for the next year or so.

I love gaming, I love video games and I love seeing our industry thrive. I don’t want to see one of the big three go under and I don’t want to see any of them hiccup on a big stage like E3. The better these companies do, the better end product that we the consumer get.

I cannot wait for this year’s E3 and I hope that you guys will sit back and watch it like I do. Not as a fanboy or fangirl, but as someone who loves and enjoys video games as a whole.


One thought on “Watching E3 As a Fanboy Is The Worst Way To Watch”

  1. I don’t know… watching E3 without supporting one company above another is kind of like watching a sports game without supporting either of the teams playing.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t really call myself a fanboy… It’s not not that I necessarily want Sony to win; rather that I want Microsoft crash and burn, so naturally I align myself with Microsoft’s biggest competitor. I have my reasons for this, which relate less to Xbox and gaming and more to the general history and practises of Microsoft as a whole (e.g. their attacks on free software community, open standards, etc.).

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that we shouldn’t prefer one company over another when some of us have legitimate reasons for our opinions.

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