Hey EA, We Need A New NBA Street

Growing up as a basketball and video game fan  in the early 2000’s meant that I was destined to fall in love with the NBA Street series. The vibrant colors, the hip hop culture, and the great mechanics made the series one I hold very dear to my heart. The question is, should we see another one in the future.


As a 10 year old boy who was infatuated with AND1 streetball, hip hop culture, and basketball in general, when I discovered the NBA Street series (Vol. 2 was my first), I was instantly hooked for years to come. Just like many others, this game captured my heart unlike any other basketball sim game could.

The arcade-y nature of the games combined with the amazing and comical narration of Bobbito Garcia made the Street series something special to me. Yes I kept playing games like NBA Live and NBA 2K, but the Street series was just perfect for me. It was raw, it had that real soul that basketball at the park has.

Twelve years have passed since NBA Street Vol. 2 came out and two more titles have hot stores shelves, both of which were not as good as the second installment, and many basketball fans like myself are starting to call for a new NBA Street game.

This all seems like a pipe dream though, as EA Sports BIG, the developer behind the games, shut down seven years ago, in 2008.  It’s a real shame too as one can imagine what they could do with the power that the PS4, Xbox One, and PC’s have. The colors could be more vibrant, the physics could be more over the top, and the players moves could be crazier than ever.

When I think as to how much fun a current gen version of one of my favorite sports games, I think that I would even settle for a downloadable title that is just a simple arcade version of the Vol. 2 with updated graphics and rosters to match the current ones.

I know that the past two titles really soured many consumers’ thoughts , and probably EA’s as well, on the series, but I sure would like to see what could come if EA Sports took the team that works on NBA Live, financially backs them and tells them to create an NBA Street title.

I miss having that wacky, arcade basketball game and in an era where hip hop culture is at an all time high, I think finding a soundtrack and celebrity endorsments, like Nelly and the Lunatics from Vol 2., woud be a pretty easy tasks.

If given the time and care, NBA Street Vol. 4, or whatever they call it could be an amazing game that hooks both adults and a younger audience like Vol. 2 did to me and so many other fans.

Although I think it’s a fruitless endeavor, I believe that the online and basketball communities would embrace and purchase a new title in the NBA Street series for all the reasons I have listed above.

So EA Sports, your past and current fans are asking, can we get a new NBA Street game?


7 thoughts on “Hey EA, We Need A New NBA Street”

  1. BRING BACK THE STREET I’m not that old on a middle aged teenager and I remember playing this game on my ps2 but after that I got a Wii Xbox360 and ps4 now I haven’t played home court but I’ve played street vol 2 and I loved it!!! Now my favorite part was being able to jump up at ridiculous heights and block the ball on street vol 2 I was either the old school and was wilt chamberin or the rockets with yoa ming so I could block the ball and I also love the comintating the words after you made an awesome shot dunk or layup and the game breakers the song at the beginning I still remember the words to it and how you could pick your own court and players and make your own team and players and just the memories along were great I spent my life on that game PLEASE bring it back I will buy it right away PLEASE!!!!!!!

    1. If could get a new team together to put together a new nba street for ps4 it be great. Who doesn’t want that arcade game style on a next-generation console with a updated roster of players and boafide and stretch and biggs back to play against or if they somehow put that all into nba live like there street mode on the game would play like nba street with the arcadic gameplay style with gamebreakers and crossover charge up nba live would kill 2k basketball franchise hands down

  2. EA should bring back a new NBA Street Vol. 4 with a court on the Las Vegas night strip would be cool. They could have a good storyline where Bonafide defuncts from Stretch and have beef, where it’s a team Bonafide vs. team Stretch, where Stretch keeps the old legends while Bonafide recruits some new AND1 legends and have Dimes recruiting you to save the street legends from a street beef. As for celebrities, bring in a team Cali with The Game, Snoop Dogg, and Kendrick Lamar. Add Street Cops into the game to enforce new rules for traveling and fouling. Bring in a Gamebraker 3 that allows you to teleport or multiply. The ending can have Bonafide lying to the Street Cops on Stretch resulting in Stretch getting locked up and banned from Street ball, introducing NBA Street Vol. 5 Bailing out Stretch, prison courts in NY Danamera or Alcatraz. The possibilities lol!

  3. Maybe they can also slide in a Drake track Fake Friends, Future Ft Drake Jumpman, The Game Ft Chris Brown – Celebration, Kendrick Lamar – Jumping Out The Roof/Swimming Pools/Kill My Vibe, Snoop Dogg – Life Of The Party, Gin N Juice instrumental, Sensual Seduction just to name a few.

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