E3 2015 Predictions – Microsoft / Xbox

My favorite time of the year is upon us. In just one short week, E3 will start and our favorite game companies will show and tell us about the biggest titles that will be hitting store shelves in the upcoming years. In my opinion, one of the best parts about the show, is the hype and speculation leading up to it. The predictions, the educated guesses, and the straight up prayers are all out on the table all over the internet, so it’s time we here at Gaming Tech United give ours. Without further ado, we’ll start with Microsoft and the Xbox brand.


Disclaimer: These are not in order, just five predictions as to what we may see at the press conference.

Halo 5 Beta – Available Now

Arguably Microsoft’s biggest first party franchise, Halo has its fans going crazy for the new title. Even as someone who doesn’t enjoy the Halo games too much, I must admit those commercials drummed up some hype about how the story will play out when we get Halo 5 later this year.

I think that Microsoft will either begin or end their conference with a big bang and reveal that a new Beta will be available and that Xbox One owners will be able to download it either that very second or a the end of the conference.

This would be a huge announcement and would be the sort of bang that MS fans would love to hear.

Minecraft Talk

With the purchase of Mojang and the Minecraft license, MS now owns one of the biggest gaming brands int he world. We will no doubt hear SOME sort of Minecraft talk at the press conference.

Whether it be a sizzle reel to hype Xbox fans up about the purchase, or maybe talks of the next step in Minecraft’s future, we’ll hear what that franchise has in store for us.

Tomb Raider Live Demo

Tomb Raider really rustled some feathers when it was announced as some sort of Xbox exclusive. This move isn’t 100% clear in terms of time, but there is no doubt that we see more from Square about Lara and her adventure.

I think we’ll see a live demo played on stage and maybe even be shown an official release date at the end. If I had to guess the date, I’d throw it somewhere in the November area, as a lead in for MS’ next big franchise Halo 5 that’s coming the follow month.

Quantum Break Release Date –  Early 2016

Remedy’s newest title was already delayed once and I think that was a great idea. From what I’m seeing, it’s very innovative and I am always one for letting a game get more polish. I am very excited to see how the TV and video game play into each other more and I have a feeling that will be detailed more in depth at the show as well.

I think a release date will also be given and that it will hit in early 2016. I’m thinking it fits well in the February / March time slot and even though I don’t own a Xbox One, I am very excited for this title and hope it does well.

Rare’s New Title Is Shown

As I said, I believe that Halo will either end or begin the conference, and I think that this will take the opposing spot. I believe that Rare announces what it is working on and that it won’t be a new IP.

I think that we either get a full fledged remake or even (hopefully) a reboot of one of their classic franchises. I don’t know if it will be Banjo & Kazooie due to the popularity of the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter, but I think it will be one fo their big franchises from the past.

Although I think a new IP would be cool, I don’t know that it’s the right time and with the loud cries from Rare’s old fans, I think we get either a remake or a reboot.


Well there it is. Our predictions for Microsoft’s conference are in the books and ready to be put to the test. Will they be right? Will none of them be on the money? I guess only time will and I know that between now and then, I’ll be as giddy as ever waiting in anticipation.


One thought on “E3 2015 Predictions – Microsoft / Xbox”

  1. One of the items I think leaked and has been known in some circle for weeks is the permanent price cut for the 500GB XB1 and a new SKU that includes a 1TB XB1 at $399 (USD). Kind of allows Microsoft to not have to drop the price, but at the same time acknowledge there console is worth $50 less than the PS4. Smart move on their part.

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