E3 2015 Predictions – Nintendo

My favorite time of the year is upon us. In just one short week, E3 will start and our favorite game companies will show and tell us about the biggest titles that will be hitting store shelves in the upcoming years. In my opinion, one of the best parts about the show, is the hype and speculation leading up to it. The predictions, the educated guesses, and the straight up prayers are all out on the table all over the internet, so it’s time we here at Gaming Tech United give ours. Without further ado, we’ll end with Nintendo.


Disclaimer: These are not in order, just five predictions as to what we may see at the press conference

Smash Bros DLC Announcement

Smash Bros has been a hit with a lot of 3DS and Wii U owners and fans are waiting anxiously on the edges of their seats to see who will join the fight. With the announcement of Mewtwo and Lucas, we found out that there indeed will be downloadable fighters and that more will come in the future.

With Nintendo gauging the fans’ wants via the online ballot, will we see the announcement of a fan favorite, or maybe the introduction of obscure characters will bring new life into the fighting game? Some say that Banjo-Kazooie is a huge want as a DLC character, but I think already having Duck Hunt Dog is a big factor against having them in the game.

I for one am excited to see who Nintendo will roll out, especially after how awesome the Mario Kart DLC offering was.

Announcement of a Pokemon Game – Late 2015 Release

Pokemon has become somewhat of an annual franchise these days, so I think it is a safe bet to say that we’ll hear from them this year in the Direct as well.

The big question here is if we’ll be getting the third installment in the X and Y games, or if Gamefreak will be giving us a whole new world. In my opinion, I think we’ll be seeing the “Z” in the X and Y series because Gamefreak does have another title, Tembo the Badass Elephant, and won’t have time to create a new world and Pokemon to accompany it.

Showing Of DeNA’s Games To Come

Now that DeNA is such a big part of Nintendo’s plan for the future, I think that we will see a small sampling of what is to come in from the mobile developer.

I don’t know that we’ll see anything major from them right away, we may see something like a Mario endless runner, or something like that. I am pretty excited to see what this partnership has to offer and see what innovation that Nintendo can bring to the mobile market.

New 3D Mario Game, Eventually Coming To NX

As a huge fan of 3D Mario games, I believe that we will see something in that sort of fashion from Nintendo. I believe that we will see a game in the fashion of Sunshine and Galaxy and less like 3D World. This would be a huge announcement for the Wii U and it could help spur some sales along the way.

My bold part of this prediction is that, although Nintendo won’t say it at this E3, this Mario game will also make its way to the NX early in its life cycle. This will be kind of like when Twilight Princess came to the Gamecube and Wii. I think this will be a pretty interesting thing to do and will make a nice twist and give the NX a solid game for people who didn’t own a Wii U this generation.

Retro Unveils Metroid Game, Is For NX

Do you remember when Watch_Dogs was shown off years ago at E3 and no platforms were discussed? The game looked to good to run on the previous generation and it came to pass that it in fact did come to the PS4 and Xbox One. I believe that’s what will happen with Retro’s Metroid game.

We might see a CG trailer or just a small clip and logo, but I do not think that Nintendo will talk about what platform the game comes to. They won’t say it is a Wii U or NX game, but as the years pass and it doesn’t come out, they will eventually announce it will come to the NX.

I think this coupled with my previous prediction could give the NX a good launch lineup with a 3D Mario and Metroid game.


Well there it is. Our predictions for Nintendo’s conference are in the books and ready to be put to the test. Will they be right? Will none of them be on the money? I guess only time will and I know that between now and then, I’ll be as giddy as ever waiting in anticipation.


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