Is DOOM Too Violent?

Violence in video games has always been a hot topic. Whether it be Mortal Kombat, DOOM, or Grand Theft Auto, parental groups love to focus in on the violent content that the developers include in their titles. When Bethesda presented their conference this past Sunday, the new DOOM was shown off and many people reacted to its over the top violence and brutal melee kills. So we pose the question, do you think that the new DOOM is too violent?

I’ll get my personal opinion out of the way right now. When it comes to the violence that this DOOM title brings to the table I’m all for it. I view video games as art and if the developers want to create a game that contains this violence, then I think they should be able to.

I personally think that this DOOM title looks like a really bad ass, fun time. It looks to be the same sort of mindless fun that Wolfenestein brought to the table and I absolutely adored that game and it’s mechanics.

I think that people get a little bit too worried when it comes to the violence in these sorts of game. Let us not forget that these games are rated M for Mature. This means that your kids will not be able to go and pick them up on their own. I know that kids will always find a way to play these games, but there are millions of video game fans that played violent games and nothing bad resulted from it.

I do think that we should temper our anger towards those who don’t want to play it. As long as that person is being respectful, we should be courteous to their opinion that they don’t want to play it due to the violence. I think that negatively responding to those people casts a negative shadow on the gaming community as a whole.

Like I said earlier, I truly do believe that video games are a form of interactive art and if the folks at Bethesda and id think that the gruesome melee kills are what they want in their game, I fully support the decision.

I think people on the outside jump to conclusions about video games. Yes there are violent video games out there, but there are also peaceful, tranquil experiences too. Again, I enjoy these violent titles and I enjoy the peaceful ones as well. There’s nothing wrong with liking both and there’s nothing wrong with liking just one or the other.

We all have different tastes in life and that’s what makes it so great. Whether it video games, movies or whatever, different things appeal to us and that variety is what makes being a consumer so awesome. The providers of content make experiences for all of us to enjoy in our niche markets and I love experiencing it all.

I love video games and what they’ve brought me, so when you ask me if the new DOOM is too violent, I respond with a emphatic “hell no.”


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