Hey NBA 2K16, Let Us Change Uniforms In MyCareer

I’m a  huge fan of the NBA 2K franchise. I don’t ask for much from the game because I love the core gameplay of it. I think the animations are smooth, I think the game modes are fun, and it’s the best basketball video game on the market in my eyes. My big gripe that I’ve been harping on for a few years now isn’t a gameplay issue, it’s an aesthetic change. Let’s dive into exactly what I mean.


Now I’m a guy who loves his MyCareer. If 2K Sports sold a version for a cheaper price tag with just MyCareer, I would probably buy. When you get so invested in it and sink so many hours into the game, things can become visually boring after awhile.

Most prominently, the jerseys / uniforms are my biggest gripe in this category. Seeing your team don the same home and away jerseys night after night after night can become very visually boring and personally, I think it would be great to dive into a team’s vast throwback and special jersey catalog and pick one for the game I’m about to play.

I know this sounds like such a minor complaints, but I’m a guy who invests hours upon hours into this mode and after playing a good 150-200 games (at least) with my MyPlayer, it just gets visually taxing.

I wouldn’t complain if it just weren’t possible to have different jerseys in the game at all. The problem is that if you go to just a normal pick up game you’ll find each team has  a wealth of uniforms to play in and yet it is missing from the most customizable game mode.

It sucks being a fan of a team like the Philadelphia 76ers because we are just terrible at basketball that have a plethora of throwback uniforms that I would love to play while wearing, or even a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers, who you can see all of their throwbacks in the header image above. It’s just very demoralizing seeing all of the uniforms available in a normal pickup game, but not being able to use them when you jump into a game mode that you’ve sunk countless hours into.

I don’t claim to know what the game’s code is like, and I doubt I ever will, but in a game where you can literally scan your face in and create a virtual you, I see it hard to believe that we can’t change our jerseys in MyCareer.

I really to hate sounding like I’m whining or complaining too much because I seriously love the game that 2K Sports has brought to the table. I just would love the game, and play it even longer, if this small thing was added to the game mode.

The NBA 2K franchise is nowhere near perfect, but it does hold a special place in my gaming heart. Adding the ability to change uniforms before a game in MyCareer would make me play the game longer than ever and really cut down on the monotony of game after game after game.


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