The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Sold Me On CE’s

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like the whole craze of Collector’s Editions. They never peak my interest and they always seem to lack of quality that is shown at their initial reveal and the items themselves are pretty useless. Then during E3 that all changed for me as Todd Howard walked out on stage during Bethesda’s E3 Presentation an announced the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition.


Like I said in the introduction, collector’s editions just never grab me. They’re always way too much money for the product and usually seem like some sort of a cash grab by the developer or publisher.

In all honesty, I have only bought one other true collector’s edition and that was another one of Bethesda’s titles; Skyrim. I was a huge fan of Skyrim and it changed a lot of my gaming life, but the only reason I even picked it up was due to the fact that I found it at a Best Buy about an hour away from me for a little over 60 USD.

Outside of Skyrim, I honestly have never popped on buying a CE of a game. Now this isn’t to say if you’re in love with a franchise, I’m saying not to buy it, but in my persaonl experience, they’re usually a bit over priced and the quailty of the items are lacking.

Now let’s get to the reason this piece was sparked into my head; that damn Pip-Boy Edition.

The biggest thing for me is the functionality of it. For those fo you who don’t know, the Pip-Boy is actually able to harness your smart phone and, through an app Bethesda will release, act as the second screen experience for the game.

Yes, it’s super nerdy and some may say it’s dumb, but I think it’s a fun twist on the typical collector’s edition of games and since it can be used in-game, I believe that adds a lot more value to the piece, compared to some physical map, or stickers / patches that some games throw in.

I also was blown away by the price. 120 USD is way less than what  was expecting for this. When I saw it, I was expecting something in the ballpark of 250 USD, and at that point it would be too much. At the current price, it was  no-brainier for me and I pre-ordered it with barely any hesitation.

My final point may sound a bit blasphemous to many consumers, but from what I’ve saw and what I know from Bethesda, I almost have a want to give them more than the 60 USD and this is a good way to do so.  Their games are so vast and so easy to get lost in, I almost feel “guilty” at just the base price point.

I put over 700 hours into the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim and still to this day own the collector’s edition, even though I do not own a 360 anymore. I know that Bethesda will probably create another beautiful, deep world for me to explore and if I even put in half of the time I did with Skyrim into Fallout 4, then I think it will be 120 dollars well spent.

I know many hate to hear someone talking about giving more than the base price of a game, but I really do enjoy Bethesda’s work and any way that I can support them, I will do so, as they’ve given me some beautiful gaming moments that I will never forget.

Now before I go, I want to reiterate, I am not saying that if your favorite franchise in the entire world comes out with a CE, that you shouldn’t be excited and buy it, I’m just saying that from my point of view, the over-priced editions that many devs and publishers push out to us in the gaming community just aren’t worth their retail price point.


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