How To Fix Installation Bug In Batman: Arkham Knight On PS4

Bugs in video games can be pretty irritating, especially when they completely stop you from progressing. There is such a bug in Batman Arkham Knight for the PS4 and I encountered it. Here’s how I fixed it and returned to cleaning the streets of Gotham in no time.


When I first sat down to play Arkham Knight, I got through about 30-45 minutes until a screen popped up that inicated that I need to let the game install more. I knew that the game’s size was beyond huge (at over 50GB), so this didn’t trouble me. I walked away and waited for the game to do its thing.

The problem occurred when I returned about 15 minutes later to see that the progress bar and percentage did not move at all (the timer was still at around 11 minutes and the percent was still at 0%).

I jumped online to see if there was a solution, but the most I could get in terms of an answer was to detele my DLC and reinstall it, or renew the licenses for the game’s DLC.

This didn’t seem right when focusing on my issue, so I decided to try rebooting the system. I didn’t simply hit reset though, I made sure to completely shut off the PS4 and then start it back up.

I brought Arkham Knight back up and then went to extras to see if that had worked. I was greeted with a flood of achievements that I missed and other notifications and then all of a sudden the timer popped back up, but this time it was actually moving, and indicated it was at 50%.

I jumped into the game and everything was back to normal, I was back to knocking thugs out and chasing Gotham’s most notorious from place to place.

I know this is a simple fix, hell I’m not claiming it to be a scientific breakthrough from myself, but I wanted to get this out there for those of you who are having the same trouble.

The game is still new, so we may see a patch come in the future, but with the mess that Arkham City has been in, I think my fix should help some people.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will help to the best of my ability.


14 thoughts on “How To Fix Installation Bug In Batman: Arkham Knight On PS4”

  1. I just bought ARKHAM KNIGHT for the PS4 and after installing it my audio is no longer working? Anyone else with this dilemma?

  2. I’ve been playing Arham Knight for some time now I’m 61% through the game and all the sudden I opened the game and it wouldn’t let me continue until “game data” has finished installing but it’s been stuck at 19% and in estimated 4 minutes and 37 seconds I’ve tried closing the game turning off my ps4 then back on, resetting the ps4 but it stays at 19% what should I do? Any suggestions?

  3. Most wanted; Shadow war bug?
    After I followed the blood traces the game won’t let me get inside the Elliot hospital. I found the elettrical generator shut down and no door, but just a wall.
    Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? Did I miss some steps before?
    Thank you!

    1. Having exact same problem. Did you figure it out? I can’t do anything else until I finish this and all I’m seeing is a dead generator I can’t hit and a wall where the grate should be. PLEASE HELP!!!

  4. I read your article for Arkham Knight installation fix.
    I just started downloading the patch(6GB+) for the Arkham Knight today for the first time on my PS4 but half way through it and it resets back to 0% after I woke my PS4 from sleep mode. Also note my connection is very slow and I found a fix for this exact issue on the steam forums which is unfortunaetly for PC version. If you could help me out in any way would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you

  5. It is so annoying because I’ve had this game for a long time and when I bought the season of infamy pack it came up with that time and it hasn’t moved since

  6. For guys with disc base installation problems, here’s what worked for me. I had the problem when couldn’t start the riddler mission, and time for install was increasing or at 0% or at 227 hours or something stupid. So i ejected disk, deleted game, disconnect from internet. backed up saved files but deleted from system. then restarted ps4, started batman, but went to extras, not story – said about 45 minute install but i know from experience it crashed around 40% so I closed the application waited about 30 mins, opened application again and the timer was down to 5 minutes and then installed. Then i closed application recconect to internet, install the latest update, put back my save files on storage and was good to go. I actually thought the disk was the issue but apparantly its common. messed up crap.

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